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Minecraft adds this new command that many players were waiting for

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Mojang Studios is bringing a convenient new feature for its players. The developers have introduced a new command called ‘placefeature.’ Also Read – Log4j vulnerability explained in 10 points: What is it, should you be worried?

While the name sounds plain, it is one of the biggest addition in the sandbox game ever made. As the name implies, it will allow Minecraft players to place ‘features’ like trees, blocks, and complex features like amethyst geodes, lakes of lava, and ‘End islands.’ Also Read – Minecraft 1.18 ‘Caves and Cliffs’ Part Two: New features, changes, improvements, and more

How does placefeature work

The new placefeature will work similar to any other Minecraft command. To pull up a list of supported commands players just need to type “/” that will show up options that alter the ‘game’s systems.’ As explained by Gamerant, placefeature requires two variables at work. Users will require <id> of the feature, secondly, they will have to use the position variable [pos]. The position variable uses x,y, and z coordinates. The outlet points out that the feature allows for an authored generation of scenarios. Also Read – Minecraft The Wild update releasing in 2022, adds new biome, mob, and more

Besides the new command, the update also includes tons of bug fixes, especially for rare circumstances. The 22W03A snapshot shows the changes for Minecraft 1.18.2 update which are now available in Java Edition. Producer Adrian Östergård on Twitter said, “we’re heading towards 1.18.2 to fix a few issues, and after that, it’s full speed ahead towards the Wild update.”

There is a look to forward to this year. The Wild update that was due to release in 2021 got rescheduled. The update will have new features that are worth waiting for from new mangrove wood type in swamps, to the Deep Dark biome that was originally planned for the Caves and Cliffs Update. Minecraft 1.19 is expected to get Allay, the winner of the community mob vote that took place during Minecraft Live 2021. In addition, players will witness different frogs -default, snowy, and tropical, and fireflies or tiny mob glow in the dark to add atmosphere to Minecraft’s swamps. As per reports, the update will likely release late this year.

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