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Nahimic Companion , Is It A Virus Or Not ?? How To Uninstall it??

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Nahimic is sound processing software installed on your system, by the manufacturer, do you have a gaming PC or laptop – possibly an MSI system?

For a Windows 10 user, there will be a driver named as Nahimic Companion installed on the PC. May be it seems like a dubious program but really it is an audio processing program which performs and stands along with your other audio drivers.

The contemporary Motherboard makers like MSI, Asus, DELL, AORUS, AORUS, Gigabyte, and Thunderobot encompass with this Nahimic Companion and also these motherboard makes have a proffer to boost the all in all audio performance.

Nahimic Companion fine-tunes the 3D audio technology. You get in the driver’s seat to personalizing the audio according to your preferences.

It bears upto 7.1 audio channels and can tether multiple ear phones through the application. It also can sway audio with HDMI, Bluetooth, USB and 3.5mm jack act on your computer.

How to uninstall Nahimic Companion??

In Windows 10, there is no need of Nahimic Companion when there is a default audio mage. You can uninstall in various ways

  • Uninstall from Apps & Features

Goto Start Menu and type Apps and Features in the search box. Navigate to Nahimic Companion and click Uninstall icon. After uninstalling Restart your device.

  • Disable Nahimic Companion

In some cases after uninstalling the program it may still loading on the background, you can terminate the function by disabling it.

Goto Start Menu and type System Configuration navigate to Service button , goto bottom  and check the “Hide all Microsoft services”.

After this search for Nahimic services, again uncheck the checked box and click Ok and Save the changes.

Most of the time, Nahimic Companion is installed without your consent. Keep an eye on services to check whether it reinstalls itself through driver updates. If this continues to happen, disable Windows updates and manually peruse the content before giving it a green signal for download and installation.

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