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NASA has recommended its own ‘music’ playlist

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Three days back, on October 28, the official Twitter handle of the US space agency NASA posted a cryptic tweet, baffling the Twitterati with its probable context. The tweet ran: “PSST… Uh, did anyone hear…that?”.
The space agency later revealed that the tweet was regarding its own playlist on SoundCloud that is full of audio tracks featuring the “sinister” sounds captured from outer space, inside the solar system. The playlist is named “Sinister Sounds of the Solar System” and if you check the date NASA revealed, it was kind of just in time for Halloween.
So, here is NASA, recommending its own playlist on Twitter. The playlist includes 14 tracks which are (in chronological order):
1. Chandra X-ray Observatory: M16 Xray
2. Chandra X-ray Observatory: Cassiopeia A Blast Wave High Energy
3. Chandra X-ray Observatory: Cassiopeia A, Iron
4. Chandra X-ray Observatory: Cassiopeia A, Silicon
5. Juno: Musical Tones from Jupiter Waves Perijove 4
6. Juno: Jupiter’s Auroras
7. InSight Lander Martian Quake Sol 173
8. InSight Lander Martian Quake Sol 235
9. Planck Sounds Of The Ancient Universe
10. STEREO: Solar Winds Passing by NASA Satellites
11. Sounds Of Europas Plasma Waves E6a 80kHz
12. Sounds Of Ganymede Plasma Waves Gll G1
13 Voyager 1: Plasma Waves of the Bow Shock of Jupiter
14. Chandra X-ray Observatory: Galactic Sonification
Here is the tweet.

The space agency has wished everyone a happy Halloween in a unique way. If you look at the playlist, five of the tracks have been captured from Chandra X-ray Observatory, “a telescope specially designed to detect X-ray emission from very hot regions of the Universe such as exploded stars, clusters of galaxies, and matter around black holes.”, as per the Chandra X-ray Observatory website. The telescope is named after Indian-American astrophysicist and Nobel laureate Subramaniam Chandrashekhar, also known as “Chandra”.

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