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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Netflix Launches Fast Laughs In The Style Of TikTok To Show Funny Clips

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Netflix has released a new ‘First Laughs‘ feed for its mobile app, which features short humorous video clips. Users can not only watch but also respond to and share short clips with other users thanks to this feature.

According to Netflix, tapping the Quick Laughs tab in the mobile app will unleash a stream of amusing clips from movies, sitcoms, comedy routines, and television shows. The company couldn’t tell how many shows or movies would be available at any given time in the new experience.

Quick Laughs is noteworthy for its striking resemblance to TikTok’s GUI. You can post clips on Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter by scrolling vertically through files. At the bottom, there’s a progress bar similar to the one you see while watching TikTok videos.

To combat the rise of TikTok, the hugely successful Chinese video-sharing app, also other popular video-sharing sites have created their own short-form video format. For example, YouTube has a feature called ‘Shorts,’ Facebook-owned Instagram has a feature called ‘Reels,’ and Snapchat has a feature called ‘Spotlight.’

The feature is currently only available for iPhone users in a few countries, but the platform has stated that Android users will be able to test it soon.

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