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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

New Google Stack app will help scan and categorise documents

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Google Area 120, which is the company’s “in-house incubator” for its ideas to grow, has introduced yet another experimental app, called Stack. The app will allow people to easily scan documents while helping them categorise them. Here’s a look at the new Google app. Also Read – Google drops out for MWC Barcelona 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions

Google Stack is the new scanner app in town

The app’s primary job is to scan files for you and convert them into PDFs. The app will ensure that whatever document you are scanning is cropped well so that the important part is scanned. Also Read – Here’s how Google is celebrating the Ever Given ship getting free from Suez Canal

But, that’s not it. The app will also automatically names the scanned documents by saving them to the relevant category. This will ensure the ease of holding documents online, which can become a hassle when the documents you are storing are a lot. Also Read – Facebook adds Holi-themed stickers for users in India, here’s how you can use them

Not only this, but Google Stack is also a “detail finder.” This means that the app will be able to find important details of documents and will find them for you. For instance, in the case of a bill, the app will highlight the due date and the amount to be paid, so that you are well aware of it.

You will also be able to search for the entire text of a scanned document instead of just looking for the title.

Stack, apart from offering helpful features, ensures security too. The app can be protected with biometrics such as a fingerprint or face lock. You can also back up the scanned data to Google Drive, just in case.

Additionally, the app doesn’t promote in-app purchases or the concept of ads (at least of now). So, your experience won’t be ruined.

The Google Stack app is currently available for Android users in the US. Considering it’s an experimental app, we don’t whether or not it will reach users outside of the US. There is also no word on if it will be available for iOS users.

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