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New GTA 6 leaked screenshots show new features, many interesting details

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Rockstar Games is currently working pretty hard on one of its next AAA video game titles, GTA VI. According to various reports, GTA VI is pretty far from its launch, which might even take till 2025 to get ready. We have been seeing mixed reactions for this, with a faction stating that Rockstar is trying to milk its Grand Theft Auto Online franchise, whereas, some are relieved that the company is ready to give the game enough time for perfect development, rather than jumping the gun and putting out a half baked game. Also Read – GTA 6 leaks: Release date, mobile compatibility, maps, gameplay, and more

While all of us wait for Rockstar to reveal details about GTA 6, a new leak showcasing screenshots from an early dev build of the game has surfaced online. According to Reddit user Robultz, he received these images while playing with a “high-ranked member” in the community. Also Read – GTA 6 release date: Grand Theft Auto 6 launch timeline, new features and maps leaked

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Robultz also stated that after the industry insider shared the details, he could not get in touch with them despite numerous attempts. The pictures were also posted on GTAforums but were immediately taken down.

Many have claimed that the images have just been stripped out of a benchmark, considering that the game is currently set to release in 2025. This means that developers still could not have a playable demo ready for it. Many others have also pointed out that the screenshots could be from a benchmark test could be from Cities: Skylines.


The heads up display in the images look pretty similar to GTA V. Moreover, the benchmark UI also seems to be identical to GTA V.

We recommend that you take this leak with a pinch of salt, as Rockstar Games has not revealed details about the upcoming game, or in what development stage it currently is in.

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