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It’s a new day and we have a new Battlegrounds Mobile India teaser. Krafton has been trying to keep people excited for the rebranded PUBG Mobile and it is ensuring this by revealing teasers that hint at the upcoming game. While past teasers have hinted at the various features of the Battlegrounds Mobile, the most recent one might have revealed its launch date. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India APK download link to be available on website, June release likely: Report

The teaser is asking people to guess Battlegrounds Mobile India’s launch date and here’s what it could possibly be. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India ban could be in tow as Lok Sabha MP raises security issues

Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date seemingly revealed

The teaser, which has been posted on Battlegrounds Mobile‘s YouTube and other social media channels, is another reminder that the battle royale is coming soon and tries to make mobile gamers more excited. It also asks people to guess the launch date. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile new teaser prepares us for chicken dinner; launch soon?

But what might make people bite their nails is the fact that the teaser itself has hints of the Battlegrounds Mobile India’s launch date.

The shared image showcases a measurement tool with graphs and numbers. This might lead you into wearing your thinking hats and figure out the whole number game. If you try adding up the numbers of the Y-axis and the X-axis, you get 18. This gives us an inkling that the game will make its entry on June 18. Many people, including gamers, have also come up with their answers that hint at a June 18 launch.

This coincides with the previous rumours that have always speculated a launch scheduled for June 18. Since Krafton is teasing the game quite frequently, there are high chances this will turn true. But, you should know that this is still a cryptic post and we don’t have an official launch date with us.

However, a recent video by popular YouTuber Technical Guruji suggests that the game is expected to launch in India today.

For those who don’t know, Krafton hasn’t fully revealed what Battlegrounds Mobile India will entail. However, a few teasers have shown the game’s resemblance to the now-banned PUBG Mobile.

It is confirmed to feature the UAZ vehicle and PUBG’s Erangel map. But, it will be called Erangle so that a direct comparison isn’t made. It is expected to come with inventory and outfits that will be similar to the ones available on PUBG Mobile. Although, there will be green blood splatter, which wasn’t a part of the banned battle royale game.

Other details include a stronger focus on user security and privacy, a limit on the gameplay and in-app purchases, and more.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently up for pre-registration via the Google Play Store.

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