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Note to self in WhatsApp: How to chat with yourself in WhatsApp to take notes or remember a grocery list

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One feature that WhatsApp is still missing is ‘Note to Self’. The feature basically allows users to text important messages they want to remember such as shopping lists, any important message from someone, etc.

Though WhatsApp does allow users to ‘Star’ the messages for future reference, it has certain limitations compared to Note to Self.

In Note to Self, a user message to himself and an instant messaging app show them in a separate chat window. This not only makes it easier to find those notes but also they are easily available and sync across the devices linked with the same number. It will also be backed up along with the other WhatsApp chats and data.

Now, the feature is already available in WhatsApp’s rival apps such as Signal and Telegram, but how do we get that in WhatsApp? With a simple walk around. Wondering how? Follow our step-by-step guide:

After this, you can start sending important messages in that chat window. You can also share a photo, video, text as well just like any regular chat.

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