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Ola S1, S1 Pro a broken Indian electric dream?

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Ola S1 was arguably the most awaited electric scooter to hit the market in 2021. However, the scooter has faced a lot of major speed bumps from delayed deliveries to delays n providing test drives. Now, that the company has finally got over all of these issues by delivering the first batch to customers, new problems have emerged. Also Read – Okaya launches Faast electric scooter to rival Ola S1, Ather 450X: Check driving range, other details

The company started delivering its first batch of Ola S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters to 100 customers in Bengaluru and Chennai on the first day of deliveries. However, things didn’t go as Ola expected, as many customers who have received deliveries are complaining about various issues including damaged vehicles, delayed charger installations and discrepancies in the insurance policy. Apart from these, some owners are also complaining about receiving a significantly lower range in comparison to the initially promised range. Also Read – Tired of Ola cab drivers cancelling your ride? Company brings a solution

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Some customers pointed out the issues before taking deliveries, in a response shared by a customer on Twitter, the company responded by saying “they will replace the damaged parts. I keep insisting them for a new product but they aren’t doing that.”  Some other customers also asked the company to replace the cancel the booking, to which they blatantly refused. Some even tried to get a concession, which was also declined.

Customers are also complaining that the scooters are not delivering on the claimed range. During the test rides, the Pro variant was seen delivering a range of around 150 km. Now, the delivered units are reportedly only providing customers with a range of 135 km. Some customers even reported receiving around 100 km of range during real-world usage.

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Several customers have even reported that even after attending the delivery event on December 15 and being promised deliveries in the coming days, they are yet to get an update from the company.

According to an earlier report by Bloomberg, Ola is currently facing manufacturing issues and is only able to make 150 units a day, with the body shop only operating at half capacity and the paint shop not even up and running.

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Many features continue to remain missing like the hill-hold feature, voice-activated commands, remote unlocking, playing music via the speakers, and more.

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