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Old iPhone models that could gain more resale value

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If you were in plans for trading your trusty old iPhone 6S with one of the new ones this year, the iOS 15 may have given you a reason to halt. Apple is bringing the iOS 15 update to the iPhone 6S generation as well as the iPhone SE 1st Gen. Hence, this could now reshuffle the value of the iPhone 6S as well as several succeeding iPhone models in the second-hand market. Also Read – iPhone 6S is still worthy, says Twitterati after Apple brings iOS 15 to this 2015 smartphone

On platforms like OLX and Quickr, app developers are often on the lookout for a cheap yet good sample of these phones. With iOS 15 support, the iPhone 6S redeems itself among the developer community as well as first time iPhone “tryers”. That also stands true for some of the other older iPhone models. Also Read – macOS Monterey update release date: Will your MacBook get macOS Monterey update and when

Hence, if you are interested in getting good resale value from your old phone before buying a new one, here’s what you could sell them for now. Also Read – macOS Monterey released at WWDC 2021: Top features, supported devices, more

Old iPhone models worth selling now

iPhone 6S

With the iOS 15 update, the iPhone 6S is eligible for all the benefits from the new OS. Hence, developers will be looking to get a decent working sample and you as a seller can ask for a decent price. We found old iPhone 6S units on OLX selling between Rs 10,000 – Rs 13,000 – the ones without defects. Hence, if your iPhone 6S is in a good shape, you can list it for close to Rs 14,000 for some profit.

iPhone SE 1st Gen

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The iPhone SE 1st Gen is best suited for a standby phone, or an experimental phone to test new apps as well as iOS betas. You can get decent samples on the market for prices close to Rs 10,000, or even lesser. Those looking to collect as a relic of the past could be ready to pay you even more, provided that the handset is in good condition.

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is selling in the range of Rs 15,000 to Rs 19,000 on OLX. If you have got a decent working sample with charger and all accessories, you can sell it for prices close to Rs 20,000. The iPhone 7 is now expected to last for two more years in terms of software support and many first-time users would like to try this one at a decent price.

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is a tough sell in the second-hand market, thanks to the 2020 iPhone SE’s lower prices. We found most samples on OLX priced between Rs 24,000 – Rs 28,000. These seem overpriced and ideally one should sell it for Rs 22,000 at most to have a fair chance of attracting buyers from the developer and geek community. Additionally, one can check with Apple for trade-in values against new iPhone models.

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