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Saturday, September 18, 2021

OnePlus Launch Clipt App allows sharing text, photos, files between Android, PC seamlessly

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OnePlus Clipt, the new app launched by the company’s OneLabs team will now make it easier to transfer data between Android and your PC. The app basically acts as a universal clipboard across devices using Google Drive and allows sending text, photos, files.

OnePlus Clipt Sharing App: How it works, features, availability

As mentioned, the new OnePlus Clipt app uses a Google Drive account to transfer data like text snippets, files, links, images between devices. The app comes with clipboard-like functionality and creates a temporary folder in your Google Drive account to store data. With the app, you can simply copy files and paste them on your desktop. OnePlus notes that the new app lets users retrieve the last 10 items in their clipboard through the app.

“The App and Chrome extension creates a link between your devices to seamlessly connect your clipboard. Once installed you can copy on one device and paste on another or use it to send files back and forth easily, connected to as many devices as you’d like. The app uses your own Google Drive to transfer the data, and we only transfer a way to identify that data and tell the other devices so it’s safe and secure. In the permissions, you’ll see we request the read and write of your Google storage, but Clipt can only download the files it creates as it’s siloed,” OnePlus mentioned in its official community forum.

While the new app seems to be a replacement to its FileDash app that was removed last month, OnePlus noted that it brought the new Clipt app after it realised the difficulty with sending files and copied text from one device to another. The new app is freshly baked, and early adopters have cited that some of the features are still sloppy, but the functionality is simple and it comes with a cross-device clipboard feature which will come in handy for easy file sharing. Speaking about availability, the new OnePlus Clipt is available as an Android app on the Google Play store for mobiles and as a Chrome extension for Windows and Mac.

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