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OnePlus looking to launch new EV under OnePlus life brand: Trademark listing spotted

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With petrol prices rising on a daily basis, many Indians have started thinking about making a shift to electric vehicles (EVs). While there are a lot of good electric options across price ranges, multiple new entrants are making their way into the sector. To recall, Realme recently filed trademarks in the automotive category in India and is expected to launch its first EV soon. Now, OnePlus also seems to be getting ready to enter the electric mobility space, as it has filed trademarks in the automotive category in India under the name ‘OnePlus life’. Also Read – Apple AR and VR rumored to launch in 2022, to be inclined towards the premium end of market

According to a trademark filing reported on by RushLane, OnePlus under a OnePlus life sub-brand is looking to launch an EV in the Indian market. Also Read – Chip shortage hits iPhone 13 production: 3 options to consider instead if you want a new iPhone

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OnePlus Warp Car

To recall, OnePlus back in 2019 teased an electric supercar, dubbed Warp Car on its website. The teaser was put up on April 1, so most of the people brushed it aside as a prank. However, it now seems that the listing was not a prank and that the company was indeed working on an EV.

Just note, that not everything revealed in the listing could not be true, considering the company made outrageous claims like the car will come with no steering wheel, instead it will be manoeuvred using a smartphone. The car will use smartphone gestures like swipe left to turn left, swipe right to turn right, swipe up to go forward, and swipe down to reverse.

While the company did not reveal anything about the EV’s powertrain, it claimed that the car will be able to go from 0-60 miles per hour within 3 seconds and will come with a range of 290 miles on a single charge. On the charging front, the car can be prepped up for nearly 270 miles in just 20 minutes.

The car would come with a driver-focused cockpit with a modern cabin that comes with tinted carbon fibre accents and Morandi Gray leather trim.

While we would definitely love to see the Warp Car become a real product, it just seems too ambitious, and we expect OnePlus to take a more realistic approach and launch an electric two-wheeler instead. However, as of now, details are too scarce even for speculation, due to which we recommend that you currently size your expectations and wait for an announcement from the company.

Apart from OnePlus and Realme, various other tech giants are currently working on their own EV projects, including Apple, Sony and more.

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