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OnePlus Watch Always On Display could come in future update

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The OnePlus Watch is yet to go on sale and the community has already started suggesting improvements on the forums. In a recent discussion, OnePlus asked its community members whether the Always On Display feature should make it to the OnePlus Watch in the future. The company went on to justify why it did away with AOD option and how it could be implemented in a future update. Also Read – OnePlus 9 Pro open sale starts today, only 12GB RAM variant available

The OnePlus Watch skipped the Always On Display feature in favour of better battery life, suggested OnePlus. In its forums, the company has reiterated that focus for the development team was battery life and it avoided any feature that could reduce the total tally. OnePlus claims up to 14 days on battery life on a single charge, which is among the best in the business. Also Read – OnePlus 9 Pro Indian buyers to get an extra 5TB cloud storage but there’s a big catch

OnePlus Watch could get AOD in the future

“The one thing we unanimously seemed to agree upon is that having to charge our smartwatch daily really affected our experience. If we forgot to charge it overnight, a few minutes of charging before we head out just isn’t enough and the battery dies later in the day,” says OnePlus in the blog. Also Read – OnePlus Nord SE launch won’t take place but a Nord 2 is in pipeline

However, the company says that it is evaluating the possibility of adding the AOD option to the OnePlus Watch. It all depends on whether users vote in favour of it, or decide to do away with it; a poll is currently online on the OnePlus forums.

Most non-Wear OS smartwatches these days feature an AOD option and still manage to deliver up to two weeks of battery life. The Realme Watch S Pro and Mi Watch Revolve come with AOD options out-of-the-box. Both of these watches run in RTOS-based customer operating systems. Amazfit’s GTS 2 and GTR 2 also get the AOD option as standard.

Hence, it is only natural to for users to demand an AOD option on the OnePlus Watch, which happens to be more expensive than the Amazfit GTR 2 and Mi Watch Revolve. At Rs 14,999, the OnePlus Watch is in the same league as the Oppo Watch; the latter running on Google’s Wear OS platform.

We are yet to test the OnePlus Watch for ourselves. The wearable promises a lot on paper, especially with its 20-minute charge for a week’s battery life. OnePlus has also baked in several fitness tracking modes and allows users to take calls hands-free via an onboard speaker.

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