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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Pokemon Snap will feature voiced cutscenes and acting

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Nintendo will be releasing the next major entrant in the popular Pokemon gaming franchise, Pokemon Snap, on April 30. It will be among the only few in the series to feature fully voiced cutscenes and even some lines of voiced dialogue. To recall, the only two Pokemon games to feature voice acting were 2016’s Pokken Tournament and 2000’s Pokemon Puzzle League. Also Read – Nintendo plans to launch a larger Switch with a Samsung OLED display panel: Report

Nintendo in a statement has said that the new Pokemon Snap will feature voice acting in its cutscenes as well as limited voice acting during the gameplay. This means that players will get to hear short phrases of dialogue along with text responses from the in-game characters. Also Read – Pokemon Legends: Arceus announced for Nintendo Switch: Launch date, gameplay and more

The game will allow the players to set the voices to English or to Japanese. Nintendo will also provide players with an option to play the game with no voice acting at all. Nintendo has also said that players will be able to toggle between these voice options at any point during the game. So, if you do not like the voice acting, you can simply turn it off. Also Read – Nintendo Direct 2021: A look at most anticipated video games announced

Apart from this, Nintendo recently made live the Pokemon Snap product page for the Nintendo Switch. The page revealed that the game will have an approximate size of 6.8GB, which is comparatively lower than the 11GB Pokemon Sword and Shield took up. Apart from this, the listing also confirmed that it will be a single-player game, however, it will support online functionality.

What is Pokemon Snap?

Pokemon Snap is a reboot of the extremely popular N64 game carrying the same title. The premise of the game is basically to traverse the lush scenery of the Pokemon world while at the same time capturing pictures of all Pokemon. The ultimate goal of the game is currently unknown. However, we expect it to be for the player to capture pictures of all the Pokemons across the globe.

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