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Policies important for women participation in Data Science field: Survey

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Women in India are increasingly becoming more involved in the data science domain, claims a survey by Great Learning, an EdTech company.
According to the survey, which was conducted with over 2,000 women from the data science industry, 54% affirmed that there were more opportunities for them in AI and Analytics today than 5 years ago.
The survey also highlighted the top five factors for this increase in opportunity, which include positive workplace policies, greater participation of women in the hiring process, favourable recruitment policies, lesser bias towards women and presence of more role-models for women than before.
The work force policies that have had a positive impact on women’s participation in the sector include training/logistics support for such roles, flexi-hours, work from home, and more maternity leaves, claims the survey.
Geographically speaking, Bengaluru has emerged at the top when it comes to offering most opportunities to women in the data science space with 31% respondents selecting it as the city with most opportunities. It is followed by Delhi (NCR) and Mumbai which are favoured by 10% of the respondents, while Hyderabad and Pune are preferred by 9% of the respondents. The remaining cities have single-digit preferences of 6% or below.
When it comes to how the women entered the AI & Analytics domain, 31% said that they have cross-trained from a non-technology function or domain while 26% have upskilled from a related function within IT or Technology.

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