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Poparazzi is a photo-sharing app that doesn’t let you post selfies

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We have all been there! The pressure of posting the perfect picture on our social media is immense. We need to think of the perfect caption, the right filters, and God knows the number of poses we make to get the right one. Also Read – Facebook, Instagram finally brings the option to hide like count: Here’s how to use it

But, this could change and we might not have to worry at all. A new app called Poparazzi has popped up, which tries to break this monotony and let us be ourselves. Plus, there’s a new “no selfie” rule that makes the whole social media game more intriguing. If you are interested too, here’s all you need to know about the new app that can be a competition to the popular Instagram. Also Read – Instagram could soon pay you for using Reels: Here’s how

What is Poparazzi app?

The new photo-sharing app isn’t about posting things related to you; it’s more on the lines of being a “paparazzi” for others and post for them. Hence, the whole play around the name. Also Read – No, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram will not stop working in India (Not right now)

The crux is that you can create your friends’ profiles and post for them instead of posting your pictures and videos. This also brings forward the app’s major rule: no selfies. You can only post random pictures of your friends and this what your friends can do. The idea is to share the moments with others instead of just sharing about you.

But, you still have control over the pictures being posted by others since you are in it. You can delete them if you don’t like them and can even keep the account private so that not everyone is subjected to what’s being posted.

Another intriguing bit of the app is that it doesn’t include filters and other edits so that you present an authentic world to others.

How to go about it?

The Poparazzi app is currently available for iOS users and can be easily downloaded via the App Store. While there’s no word on when it will reach Android users, it might happen soon.

Once you have downloaded the app, signing up is pretty easy. Upon opening the launch, you will find yourself with a small teaser that gives a brief about the app.

Following this, hit the ‘Get Started’ option, provide some permissions (camera, contacts, notifications), type in your age, your mobile number, and then authenticate with an ITP. The sign-up process also includes entering your name, creating a username, adding a profile photo, and choosing your top 3 friends that take your “best photo.” Now, you can choose to invite people and then can finally start using the app.

Poparazzi app interface

Besides the photo-sharing concept, the app also looks like Instagram. If you remember the app’s interface some time ago, you will agree. The Poparazzi app gets two sections that show people’s image (which the app calls Pop and has a logo just like that of Snapchat), a camera icon to take Pops, an activity section, and the profile section.

There are some differences though! The profile section shows followers and the people following you as Views and Reacts, respectively. Plus, your profile will fill when people will post your photos. There’s also a section that will show the photos you post of others. Whenever a picture of you is posted, the post will contain the tag of who posted it.

The app appears quite familiar and is easy to use. The good part is that it follows an interesting and different concept of being social that can help you capture the fun moments of others and let others do the same.

If you find Instagram and other social media apps a bit boring, you can surely try this one out. Let us know how you find the app in the comments below!

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