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Possible Redmi Note 10 Models Get Certified in China, Russia

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Xiaomi is all set to launch its Redmi Note 10 series smartphones soon, and multiple devices from the lineup have apparently been popping up on various certification sites over the past few days. That’s according to MySmartPrice, which claims that the Redmi Note 10 was spotted on Russia’s EEC certification site this week, while two Redmi phones showed-up on China’s 3C website.

First off, two Redmi devices with model numbers M2007J22C and M2007J17C were recently certified by China’s 3C certification agency, suggesting they’re being readied for the Chinese market. A Redmi device with model number M2007J22G has also just been certified by EEC, suggesting that its Russian launch might also come sooner rather than later.

Do note that the alphabet at the end of Redmi model numbers typically denote the intended market, which means the ‘C’ at the end denotes China, while the ones ending with ‘G’ are the Global variants that are also expected to make their way to India sooner rather than later. That being the case, the M2007J22G and the M2007J22C are essentially the same device meant for different markets.

Meanwhile, the listings seem to confirm earlier reports that both phones will support 5G networks, making them the first Redmi devices to offer the latest cellular connectivity option. Meanwhile, the report also suggests that the former could support 22.5W charging, while the latter could up that to 33W.

While the listings don’t provide any further information about the devices or their specifications, online rumors suggest that the upcoming Note 10 Pro might be the first Redmi device to sport the 108MP GM2 image sensor. Either way, nothing’s been officially confirmed by Xiaomi yet, so we’ll still have to wait a little longer to get more concrete details on the subject.

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