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PrimeXBT Software Update – What Does This Mean To The User?

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With real-time data for over 80 markets, the PrimeXBT trading platform is a serious consideration. The multi-asset platform combines digital assets and traditional physical assets in a single account. The platform offers a modern user interface that is hacker-proof–guaranteeing the security of user assets.

It goes a further way to supply users with essential trading tools and the most customisable options to suit specific location needs, such as currencies and the current Indices trading guide. Tons of trading platforms on the internet often claim to offer the best services, even coming up with digital assets to those who start trading BTC. 

What does the PrimeXBT software update offer to the ordinary retail trader?

Navigation Features of PrimeXBT  

The trading platform provides a simple way to create an account; it also requires a simple Google search to access the trading interface. Users will appreciate the live theme that not only makes it modern but also offers important notices that improve the overall trading experiences, especially for newbies. 

Furthermore, supported assets range from digital to traditional instruments such as gold, providing investors with many options—a nice way to diversify. For those on multiple devices, creators have included support in the most used electronic devices today. PrimeXBT is also multilingual with the default language being English. Even so, users still have more personalised experience by switching to a language they are more familiar with.

PrimeXBT’s Recent Software Update

The previous platform before the update was impressive; it could handle a sustained traffic surge, a situation improved in the new setup. Traders have options of more fiat currencies and crypto coins. 

The creators also plan to add USD and a potential for the Euro in the future—some of the most traded currencies in the world. Primarily, traders will by default content with stablecoins based accounts, these are more secure and insure against volatility in the short and long term. 

Some users previously complained of smaller spaces in the web interfaces slicing the data sections; the updates eliminate the issue with additional choices to have marginal accounts. 

Some notable improvements also in the charting software make the platform more complete than before. The charts now have prices written against the plotting lines; this is essential for the keen eyes to follow in detail the performance of their assets. 

In some instances where the provided charts cannot suit an occasion, users can plot their trend lines and patterns to have a clear picture of the trend of a particular stock.

Trading Instruments in PrimeXBT

Essential trading instruments also come with some minor tweaks; users currently have more options of liquid markets. PrimeXBT added more FX pairs. Real-time streams of leading FX  pairs such as USD/JPY, EUR/USD, and EUR/USD are available for traders.

The S&P 500 is one of the trusted benchmarks for U.S. stocks, alongside the Dow Jones and NASDAQ. PrimeXBT brings the stock market to the user all in a single account. It also provides an improved interface to highlight real-time data for the changes in the top indices. 

Crude oil and gold are physical commodities, they have existed for years. PrimeXBT uses these in the trading modules alongside the likes of crypto coins to show that it is a dynamic platform changing with time. Notably, crypto markets are highly volatile, but they help provide different investments to consider—they widen the portfolio and are safeguards to the lows of the physical commodities. 

Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Cardano, and XRP are some crypto instruments on PrimeXBT. Most, if not all, are decentralised and blockchain-supported, making them safe from hackers.


2022 will be a busy year in the markets, it is imperative for trading platforms to prepare to handle the large traffic. PrimeXBT recent updates make it more complete now; it has solved most complaints by users and added features that make trading easier. 

The platform allows traders to switch digital assets to physical assets seamlessly in one account, which is important for portfolio diversification. 

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