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pro display xdr: LG developing a Pro Display XDR successor and two other high-end displays for Apple: Reports

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LG might be working on three new displays based on the present Pro Display XDR technology and are expected to come in iMac display sizes, reports AppleInsider. The report also adds that these new displays might be Apple-branded monitors in the future where one is based on the 24-inch iMac specifications and another display based on a future 27-inch iMac.
The third display that LG is developing is a 32-inch display that could come with a custom processor and is expected to be released as a descendent to the Pro Display XDR.
The report also suggests that all the three monitors are presently placed as unbranded enclosures, but it “can be assumed” that the 32-inch display will be Apple-branded. Both the 32-inch and the 27-inch display are expected to support mini-LED technology and a 120Hz variable refresh rate.
There are rumours about Apple planning to release a first-party external computer monitor less expensive than the Pro Display XDR. An early rumor also mentioned that a new 27-inch iMac with an Apple Silicon chip could arrive in early 2022.
Earlier 9to5Mac reported that Apple is testing an external display with a dedicated A13 processor and Neural Engine. A built-in CPU/GPU unit in the external display can also help Macs to deliver high-quality graphics without utilising all the resources of the internal chip inside the computer.

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