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PUBG Corp hiring in India: Is PUBG Mobile getting unbanned?

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It has been long since the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile’s distribution in India. Loyal players have since then longed to see it back on the Play Store with the latest updates. While there’s no development on that front, PUBG Corp is currently hiring new people for its India office. A LinkedIn job posting suggests that the publisher is looking for a Corporate Development Division Manager. Also Read – PUBG Unban? भारत में वापसी के मिले संकेत, कंपनी कर रही हायरिंग

Owner Krafton is hiring personnel for its Delhi office in, seeking the person to jointly develop overall M&A and investment strategy for the gaming and related sectors (tech, media, entertainment, and etc.) mainly with the India market context. The person should also support the setup process for PUBG India with guidance from Krafton Inc. The job posting does not mention any relation to the mobile game. Also Read – PUBG Mobile ban in India unlikely to be reversed, suggests Ministry

Is PUBG Mobile coming back then?

As some websites would like you to believe, the job listing does not mention PUBG Mobile anywhere. Hence, there’s no guarantee of this being a sign of things returning to the normal for mobile players. PUBG Corporation still continues to support the PC version of the game in India. You can either play PUBG on Steam, PS4 and Xbox, or get the free version of the game online, called PUBG Lite. Also Read – PUBG Mobile could return soon with Jio Platforms, talks yet to finalize

However, PUBG Corporation has taken away the licence to distribute PUBG Mobile from Tencent Games. The move came after the Indian government banned 119 apps, including both the mobile games. A few weeks ago, there were reports of Reliance getting talks with PUBG Corporation to distribute the game in India. However, there’s no update on that front.

That said, if you still want to enjoy the latest of PUBG Mobile, there’s a way to do that. While the game has gone from the Play Store and App Store, players on Android have a way to claim Chicken Dinners. Players can head over to the official website and download the latest APK file. Once installed manually, the game will automatically pull the updates from the servers.

Just before the ban in India, PUBG Mobile got to see the massive Erangel 2.0 update. The Erangel 2.0 update was flagged as a new era for the game. Players downloading the update experienced improved graphics quality with better textures than before.

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