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Monday, April 12, 2021

PUBG Mobile Korean version APK will no longer be playable in India from 1 July, 2021, know the reason why

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PUBG Mobile Korea will not be playable In India from July 1, the company has officially confirmed. PUBG Mobile said in an Instagram post that PUBG Mobile Korea will only be accessible to those living in Korea or Japan. “ For those who living in other countries or regions, your local version or Global version is available,” the post read. Also Read – PUBG Mobile finally gets Karakin map: Demolition Zone, Sticky bombs and more new features

PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September last year along with several other Chinese apps due to cybersecurity concerns. However, the game was still playable in India, thanks to the PUBG Mobile Korea APK file, which could be downloaded and sideloaded on the phone. Also Read – PUBG Mobile new anti-cheating report: 1,813,787 accounts banned permanently

PUBG Mobile Korea will not be playable in India from July 1, 2021:

However, it looks like PUBG Mobile has decided to restrict access to the APK file for Indian users. PUBG Mobile also put out a list of changes and said that they will be put into effect from June 30, 2021, for Indian users. The changes include: Also Read – PUBG Mobile official roster released by Fnatic India

• From May 1, 2021, users outside Korea or Japan, who try to log in with KRJP (KRJP build is a version of local service for users living in Korea or Japan), will not be able to settle the payment.

• From May 1, 2021, those who try to log in with the KRJP build account outside of Korea or Japan, might find network troubles during the play.

• From June 30, 2021, users out of Korea or Japan who log in with KRJP build account will not able to log in anymore.

“Please note that all these changes are for a better service, nothing related to inequality or discrimination. For a better experience, we suggest users out of Korea or Japan use your local version or Global version,” PUBG Mobile Korea said in its Instagram post.

PUBG Mobile India re-launch status

As of now, there is no word on when PUBG Mobile will re-launch in India as there is no official word from the government. Even though PUBG Mobile creator Krafton has said that it is making efforts to bring back the battle royale game in India, chances of its re-launch anytime soon look bleak.

“We are awaiting for Indian government’s consideration and decision on our next plan with PUBG in the region,” according to the Sportskeeda report, which quoted a source at Krafton close to the development.

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