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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Razer is proud to be green and other companies should take note

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I’ve previously written about how rising environmental concerns conflict with my love of tech and PC gaming, and how that, in turn, has caused a sense of ‘eco-guilt’ – that despairing feeling you get when you become aware of just how much damage your very existence could be having on our planet. A tad extreme? Yes, but this special flavor of anxiety can have a genuine impact on how we decide which products we should be buying, regardless of how rational that impulse is.

Given my job requires me to test a fair amount of PC hardware, I noticed a pattern emerging with Razer products – packaging has been completely devoid of any tape, plastic or non-biodegradable materials for a while now as part of its ‘Go Green with Razer’ initiative, something proudly displayed on many of the boxes I opened. After some reading up on this campaign, it wasn’t long before the sheer scale of this particular gaming and lifestyle company’s efforts in sustainability became apparent – it’s on a level I have yet to see matched by another other brand in the PC gaming industry.

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