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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Reigns Beyond is the latest game to get added on Apple Arcade

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Apple announced its Apple Arcade, a subscription-based online gaming service, with the promise to add new titles almost every week. The company so far has added several new games and that too almost on a regular basis.
Apple added a new title, Reigns: Beyond to the platform last week. The game has been published by a popular developer Devolver who is also known for its recently launched Cricket Through Ages game on Apple Arcade.
Reigns: Beyond is a musical game with a theme of becoming a rockstar. The player in the game belongs with an intergalactic indie rock band and he’s supposed to plan their performance and become the most popular rock band in the entire universe. Players are expected to travel planet to planet and gig to gig to earn fame, popularity and fortune.
Players are also supposed to recruit alien members in the band along the way and perform, but also manage resources of the ship and keep your crew in check while on this stellar tour because one wrong decision may leave you lost in space.
Reigns Beyond: Features as per the Apple App Store listing
Fight pirates, overzealous tax collectors and more in swiping dogfights. Practice for the performance on the ship while helping other lost space travellers. Also, the game offers over 60+ characters including manager, lord shark, strombo the scholarly mollusc, ron the space bear, etc. Most importantly, the game features the original soundtrack by Sam Webster.

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