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The Google Pixel 4a was a huge success in the budget segment last year.

Even though there were some undercuts, the smartphone is largely liked by people and experts alike. The smartphone has an OLED display, the iconic Pixel camera, the Pixel experience and is upgradable to Android 12; all of this for $350.

Now, according to some rumors, Google is planning to bring another budget smartphone this year — the Google Pixel 5a.

In this article, we will talk about all the Google Pixel 5a leaks such as its release date, specifications, new features, and more. Essentially, everything you need to know about the upcoming budget smartphone from Google.

Google Pixel 5a? Will there be a Google Pixel 5a 5G

While there is not much info on the Google Pixel 5a right now, its arrival is certainly confirmed. In the Android 12 developer preview, there is a mention of “Pixel 5a:GR0M2”.

Interestingly, the alphanumeric word GROM2 (which appears to be the Pixel 5a model number) also appeared later on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website, thus further confirming the existence of the Google Pixel 5a.

Now, the question is whether there will be a Google Pixel 5a 5G variant or not. As of now, there are no Pixel 5a leaks delving into this information, however, we are hoping there will be a 5G variant.

Pixel 5a Release Date

According to leaker Jon Prosser, the Google Pixel 5a launch is scheduled for June 11. However, take this with a grain of salt as there isn’t much evidence around the claim. That being said, it’s likely that the Google Pixel 5a will launch around the same time.

If we go back, the Google Pixel 3a was launched in May at Google’s yearly developer conference. The Pixel 4a was supposedly planned to launch in May of last year as well, however, the COVID-19 happened. The Google I/O 2020 got canceled and the smartphone was eventually launched in August.

Since the virus hasn’t gone entirely, Google might keep the Pixel 5a launch in August. But it might come earlier than that.

Pixel 5a Price

There are no leaks around the price of the Google Pixel 5a so it’s all in the air. However, it will most likely be between $400 and $450.

The Google Pixel 3a was launched for $400 in the US. Last year, Google reduced the price and launched the Google Pixel 4a at $350, while the 4a 5G was launched at $499.

It would make sense if Google doesn’t increase the price too much. The Pixel 4a “gave good results” due to its affordable prices in India, a Google executive told ET.

Since Google plans to increase its presence in India, keeping the Google Pixel 5a launch price between $400 and $450 would be an ideal choice.

The executive also said the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 weren’t launched in India due to the hardware cost and the fact that 5G is yet to arrive in the country. If there will be a Pixel 5a 5G variant, it won’t most likely arrive in India.

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