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Samsung Galaxy S21 May Ditch Bundled Earphones And Charger Like Apple

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A few weeks ago, Apple made headlines after announcing that the iPhone 12 won’t ship with a charger or a pair of earphones. And now it appears Samsung may follow suit with the launch of the Galaxy S21.

Apple explained that excluding the accessories from the box had to do with environmental concerns. However, the decision hasn’t gone down well with the fans. Regardless, if Samsung follows suit now, it may set a precedent for other Android smartphone manufacturers.

When Apple revealed it wouldn’t bundle its new iPhone with the essential accessories, the news broke the internet. The iPhone maker became the butt of jokes, the muse of memes, and the subject of countless mockery from competing phone companies, including Samsung.

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However, Samsung seems to have changed its mind since they posted that reaction. Rumors indicate that just like Apple, the Android smartphone leader will also not include a charger or earphones with its upcoming Galaxy S21 smartphone.

Samsung Could Bid Farewell To The Bundled Charger With Galaxy S21

As reported by SamMobile, Samsung will ditch the bundled charger and earphones starting from the Galaxy S21, scheduled to arrive in January 2021. The move would mean that the Galaxy S21, just like the iPhone 12, would only come with a bundled cable.

In specific markets, such as the US, the South Korean phone-maker has already ditched earphones with the Galaxy Note 20. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if its next flagship phone doesn’t come with an earphone or a charger or both.

No matter how much tech bigwigs try to convince people of the environmental angle, this change will benefit the manufacturers that would cut costs by packing minimal accessories into a much smaller box. Whether it’s a fad or something that is here to stay, only time will tell.

Do you think smartphone makers are right to ditch important box items like the charger? Tell us in the comments below.

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