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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Samsung receives dual foldable design patent for future devices – Latest News

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Samsung has been granted a new patent for its foldable tablet design by US Design and Patent (USPTO). The new design patent was issued to the company on March 16.

As per the report by Patently Apple, the new foldable design from the company has a double fold tablet with a slide-out keyboard.

The design patent file does not confirm the material or construction details about the double-fold design and the mechanism of the slide-out keyboard.

Samsung working with Microsoft and Intel as a part of the Horseshoe Bend Project is not new. The project was announced back in October last year and as a part of the project, Samsung is supposed to make 17-inch foldable laptop displays to Wintel partners.

As per the diagram in the patent application, the dual fold design looks similar to Galaxy Z Fold but with a bigger footprint. The entire unit is fitted with two hinges which looks similar to Surface Book hinges.

Apart from this, a keyboard has also been shown in the image which is expected to feature a slide-out mechanism.

For now this is just a concept design for which Samsung has been granted a patent. It is still unsure whether this dual fold design will ever make it to the market in some form whether it be in smartphones, tablets or foldable notebooks.

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