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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Samsung’s new patent shows a two fold foldable device with three display and an electronic Pen – Mobiles News

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Almost every company seems to be working on their own foldable smartphone design including Apple. However, Samsung appears to be leading the charts by already launching a couple of foldable smartphones in the market.

Last week, a new surfaced stating that the company might also be working on a different type of foldable design which folds in three halves.

Now, a report by Lets Go Digital suggests that the company has bagged a design patent on a new foldable design.

According to the report, the patent file has around 52 pages and is titled as Foldable electronic device including electronic pen.

The images from the patent file shows a double folding phone which carries three displays also known as multi-foldable devices in the file.

The image shows that the screen folds from the sides and they lie on the top of the centre screen for easy opening and closing mechanism. In another image, the same folding is happening in the outwards direction.

Samsung has also showcased a new S Pen-like stylus with the patent. When the device is folded, the S Pen can easily be placed at the center of the two folds. The patent file also mentions that the S Pen will charge wirelessly when placed between the folds just like it happens with Galaxy Tab S Pen.

Apart from this, the foldable device carries a triple rear camera setup at the back and a dual punch hole camera at the front.

Even though the new two fold design looks futuristic, it certainly appears less practical for a smartphone. Maybe the company is working on a foldable tablet or a smartphone with a bigger screen, only time will tell.

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