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Signal makes it easy to transfer chats to a new phone – Latest News

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Signal messenger is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to transfer chats easily to other phones. The new feature is available in Signal beta v5.5.0 version and it’s expected that the final rollout may happen soon. Inside Settings menu, a new feature called Transfer Account now appears.

The entire process of transferring chats is end-to-end encrypted. “Use the end-to-end encrypted migration feature to move your account and messages from an old device to a new device over a private local WiFi Direct connection,” said a report by TestingCatalog. This feature is exclusively rollout to help users to transfer Signal chats to a new Android phone. However, you can transfer chats to any device but you can only use the account on one device.

Your Signal account is not linked to your phone number. The beauty of using Signal is that the account is linked to a PIN that only you are aware of. This makes tracking users difficult. For added security, go to Privacy settings and turn on ‘Registration lock’. This prevents unauthorised access to your Signal from a different device.

For added privacy, you can enable disappearing messages. The disappearing messages feature works way better on Signal compared to WhatsApp. Even if one party has enabled this option the other party is forced to follow it. This makes it effective and you can set disappearing messages to a minimum of 5 seconds. This simply deletes the message after you have seen it for 5 seconds.

For those unaware, Signal Private Messenger is another WhatsApp alternative. The co-founder of WhatsApp– Brian Acton– left the company after Facebook acquired WhatsApp. Acton moved ahead to create the Signal Foundation with Moxie Marlinspike. After Facebook acquired WhatsApp, user privacy was one of the reasons why WhatsApp founders had quit.

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