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signal stickers: How to create personalised stickers for Signal

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Stickers are fun and instant messaging apps, including Signal, support them.

Signal already comes with a few Stickers pre-installed and also allows users to download more.

But the list is very limited and you might not find the sticker of your liking.

Though you can download several sticker packs via third-party apps and websites. However, creating a custom sticker is another level and it also adds a personal touch to it.


  • Latest version of Signal
  • Desktop version of Signal
  • Working internet connectivity

Sticker requirement for Signal

  • Each sticker must be a separate PNG or WebP file
  • Each sticker has a size limit of 300 KiB
  • Stickers resize to 512 x 512 px
  • Assign one emoji to each sticker
  • Maximum 200 stickers per pack
  • Cover must be a 512 x 512 px PNG or WebP file (defaults to first image in sticker pack)

Steps to create custom stickers for Signal


Download and install Signal Desktop and login


Take any photo and convert it to PNG

You can download the Background eraser app on your Android smartphone and edit the photos as per your need.

You can add up to 200 stickers in one pack. So create at least 3 such stickers.


Now, open Signal Desktop app and click on File — Create/upload Sticker Pack


On the next screen, tap on ‘+’ icon and choose the PNG files and select an emoji for the pack


Enter Title and Author name and click Next


Copy the link to share your sticker pack outside of Signal.


Head to Stickers section on your Signal app and look for the sticker pack and install

Do note: After uploading a Sticker pack, creators won’t be able to make changes to them.

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