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Snap just made it easier for you click selfies: Here’s how

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Snap Inc launched Spectacles back in 2017 as a way for users to capture more fun and engaging videos. Now, roughly five years later, the company has introduced a pocket-sized drone that is aimed at helping users shoot selfie videos and click selfies using, well, snap of a button. Also Read – Snapchat partners with publishers to roll out the new Dynamic Stories feature: How it works

Snap Inc’s Pixy doesn’t have a lengthy setup, nor does it come with a separate controller. It comes with a tiny dial-like control that can used to pick one of the five preset paths for the drone to move. These are Hover wherein Pixy takes off from a user’s hands and hovers in front of them as their personal photographer, Orbit wherein it orbits around a user in a circle, Reveal wherein it flies back to reveal user in your world, Follow wherein it will follow a user as they explore the world and Favourite wherein this mini-drone will complete a 10 second Hover in photo-only mode. Also Read – Snapchat lets you share videos directly from YouTube: Here’s how

Snap Inc says that with a fully charged battery, Pixy can make five to eight flights using the default flight modes. Once it has completed its flight it transfers to Snapchat Memories wirelessly using a Land feature. Also Read – Snapchat, Niti Aayog to train 12,000 teachers in AR

Image: Snap Inc

It comes with a storage space of 16GB, which the company say enables it to store up to 100 videos or 1000 photos at a time. “If the storage is full Pixy won’t be able to take off. You’ll get a notification in Snap and the LED will flash red. you’ll need to import photos and videos to memories in Snapchat before Pixy can fly again,” Snap Inc wrote on a support page.

Once Pixy has captured the desired video, it uses WiFi to transfer the captured videos and photos to Snapchat app. These videos can then be edited using a host of creative tools such as doodle, stickers, scissors, loop, lenses, and trim. Creators can also use Smart Edits feature that allows them to quickly add fun effects to their Pixy Snaps. Additionally, they can effects such as Bounce, Orbit 3D, Jump Cut, and Hyperspeed to make their videos better.

As far as availability is concerned, Snap Inc’s Pixy costs $230 (Rs 17,603 approx.) and currently, it is available only in the US.

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