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Some Apple Watch SE users are complaining of burning sensation on wrist due to overheating

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Some Apple Watch SE users are complaining of overheating issues that are damaging the display of the newly launched watch. Reports of overheating are mostly coming from South Korea and six Apple Watch SE users have come forward with their complaints. One of the users said that he felt a burning sensation on the wrist when he was wearing the Apple Watch SE. Others pointed out that the devices got overheated while charging.
It seems that the issue with the Apple Watch SE is limited to South Korea as of now. And it could be possible that a small batch of devices may have defects.
“The owner was using the watch in the wrist, until the owner felt the wrist being hot. The screen got yellow and the power didn’t turn on,” explained a post on Reddit.
Apple is said to have provided refunds to one of the users of the new Watch SE. As per the post by Reddit, “Case 1 was reported on October 17. The owner bought the Apple Watch SE 40mm GPS version Space Gray from an official retailer. The owner received the device on October 17. When the owner was wearing it on their wrist, it suddenly got hot. The previous state whether it was charging or not is unknown. The owner got a refund via Apple online store. The device was manufactured in October.”
As per a report by AppleInsider, of all the six cases that were reported, “the owner got a refund or exchange from Apple in three instances, with a personal response from headquarters supposedly expected within the coming days.”
The new Apple Watch SE is seen as a Watch 3 upgrade in terms of design, display and performance but as far as features are concerned there are not many new useful health features. The new Apple Watch SE does not come with ECG and blood oxygen monitor. However, there are features like fall detection, always-on altimeter and international emergency calls.

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