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Some Samsung Galaxy Store apps could carry malware: Report

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Samsung is one of the few smartphone brands that uses its own application store. Regulating what apps are being posted on the app store is no easy task and that became evident. Reportedly, Samsung’s Galaxy Store has some apps that may have the capacity of carrying malware such as “riskware”, adware, and more. Also Read – Samsung will resume One UI 4.0 update after implementing critical patch from Google

A new report by Android Police has claimed that some of the Showbox-based apps on the Samsung Galaxy Store triggered Google Play Protect warnings when they were installed on Android devices. Further investigation revealed that these warnings may be credible, as the apks of one of the apps raised over a dozen low-grade alerts from security vendors. Some claimed it was “riskware” while others termed it adware. Additionally, the report claims that these apps are looking for more than the usual permissions such as contacts, call logs, and even to make calls. Also Read – Why 2021 was the year of foldable display smartphones?

The questionable applications found on the Galaxy Store were found to be capacity of executing dynamic code. What this means is that the applications may not have an active malware within their code but they can download and execute other code, including malware. The report suggests that such access is hardly of any use for a legitimate cause. The apps can be “weaponized” easily as they can become trojan-carrying malware. These issues were spotted in at least two of the Galaxy Store apps. The report suggests more apps could be carrying similar threats. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy A53 launch timeline tipped, specs leaked: Here’s everything we know so far

Another big issue with the applications that were tested was that they were clones of an app that enabled piracy. Showbox is an app that provides pirated content flouting copyrights of TV shows and movies.

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