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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sony unveils next-gen PS VR controllers: Here’s how they look

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Sony is expected to launch a new version of its VR headset compatible with the PlayStation 5 soon. Teasing the upcoming VR headset, the company has showcased how its VR controllers will look like, in a teaser image. The controllers have an “orb” design and look a lot different compared to the current-gen PlayStation Move motion controllers. The controllers consist of small joysticks, buttons near the thumb and trigger buttons placed where the index fingers rest. Also Read – Sony giving 10 free PS4, PS VR games including Horizon Hero Dawn until April: Full list

In a blog post teasing the headset, Sony has stated that the new controllers will come with features with finger touch detection, tracking, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and more. The company added that the new design will have no constraints, thus allowing developers to create unique gameplay experiences. Prototypes of the new VR controllers will soon be shared with the development community, thus providing them with an ample amount of time to integrate the capabilities of the controller into the gameplay. Also Read – Sony PlayStation 5 Review: The gaming console you all have been waiting for

Sony has revealed that it has optimised the haptic feedback for the new form factor of the controllers. This will help the touch-sensitive triggers to provide users with good feedback on detecting any input. Thus enabling users “to make more natural gestures with your hands during gameplay.” Also Read – Here are the free PlayStation Plus games for the month of March 2021

The controllers feature a tracking ring at the bottom, which will let the VR headset efficiently track movements. The company has revealed that both the controllers will have a total of five buttons and one analogue stick. The triangle, square and create buttons will be present on the left controller along with a grip button and a trigger. The cross, circle and the options button will be present on the right controller, that too with the grip and trigger buttons.

To recall, ahead of the PS5 launch, the company first revealed its controller and then soon after launched the next-gen console. The same can be expected for the next-gen VR headset. However, as of now, the company has not officially stated, when it will be launching the device.

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