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Telegram Introduces Chat Themes, Immersive Emoji, Read Receipts

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On September 19, Telegram introduces new features such as chat themes, interactive emoji, read receipts in groups and live stream recording.

Let us discuss about the new featutres

Cooperation and doodah came along with the new updation. Now it is very simple for the users to apply new chat themes for individual chats. Along with this another 8 new themes which features glowing acclivity message bubbles, gorgeously buoyant backgrounds, and idiosyncratic background patterns.

To apply the theme on your Android device , click Chat Header > 3 dots > Change Colors.

For iOS device, Chat Header > 3 dots > Change Colors.

If you and your friend is chatting at the same time the liveliness and quiverness will play on your devices. Your friend will be able to see the changes and effects only if they are using the updated version of telegram.

You can see whether the group members see the message you sent to the groups by selecting the message you sent. Messages will be discoloured as read immediately when the member of the group sees. To protect users’ privacy, read receipts in groups are only stored for 7 days after the message was sent.

  • Recording Live Streams And Video Chats

Here , in this update the admins can record Live Streams and Video Chats to bring out it for the users who have skipped the classes, meeting or whatever it is. It can be done from the video chat menu which have the options to record Video and Audio.

To record a video, choose an orientation for the final video file, Portrait or Landscape. After you finish recording or end the broadcast, the file is instantly uploaded to your Saved Messages.

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