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The $11 billion ‘proof’ that gaming is a serious business for Apple

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NEW DELHI: Games or gaming isn’t something that one would immediately link Apple with. However, games continue to rake in the moolah for the Cupertino-based tech giant as it has been highlighted by a report published by App Annie. As per the report, Apple’s App Store generated $11 billion from gaming in the third quarter of 2020. Incidentally, the amount of money Apple earned from gaming category of apps is more than what Google earned on Play Store from all apps.
In terms of total downloads on the App Store, there were 9 billion downloads. Out of this, gaming downloads amounted to 2.6 billion, which contributed $11 billion to the Apple App Store. The total number of downloads grew by 20% and India and South Korea were attributed as big contributors in this growth. US and Japan were the top 2 markets for all app downloads.
As far as games are concerned, people using iPhones download less number of games but spend quite significantly more per game. According to the report, 11 billion gaming app downloads happened on Play Store, which contributed 80% to Google’s total app income. On the other hand, ‘only’ 2.6 billion app downloads happened on the App Store yet the money spent was quite a lot. The report states, “in Q3 2020 the average weekly downloads in mobile games across the app stores hovered around 1 billion for the second straight quarter, an increase of 15% compared to a year prior.”
The quarter also saw 33 billion apps downloaded with over 180 billion hours of app use across the world.
Apple in the last couple of years has made a big push into gaming space. The company has its own subscription-based gaming service called Apple Arcade. Rumours about Apple making its own gaming controller have also cropped in the last few months. Clearly, the money Apple is making through games is solid ‘proof’ that gaming is a serious business for the company.

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