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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Gathering Arena is now available for iOS and Android

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Magic: The Gathering Arena, a freemium collectible card game arrived on the Android platform as a Google Play Early Access back in January 2021. While the game was made available only to select Android devices, Wizards of the Coast have now announced that the game’s full-access will be made available both on iOS and Android.

Starting March 25, Magic: The Gathering Arena or simply MTG Arena will arrive on iOS, Android devices, and get support for tablets. Notably, the latest MTG Arena update brings in performance enhancements for Android devices.

“Welcome back for the latest Magic: The Gathering Arena updates and this week is a big one: tomorrow, we unleash MTG Arena on even more mobile devices around the world—plus, we have Strixhaven: School of Mages details to share for preorder and beyond. Let’s roll,” Wizards of the Coast mentioned in its official blog post.

To recall, the MTG Arena was introduced on PC back in 2019. In case you have been playing the PC version but want to try it out on the pocket PC, here’s some good news. The mobile iteration of the game will support cross-play with the PC version of Magic: The Gathering Arena which means you will be able to use the same Wizards Account (as on the PC) and access your cards and decks. Players will also get the chance to try the recently released Kaldheim set.

The MTG Arena developers also addressed the occasional bug that caused players to appear offline even when they’re online. The developers note that they are already working on a long-term fix, but, for the time being, they have offered the following workaround- Instead of exiting the game, log out completely and log back in; Open your social menu and toggle between offline and online.

In addition, the developers stated that 15-cards from Mystical Archive will be available to unlock that players can use to test out various playstyles.

While the MGT’s first set of physical cards date back to 1993, it took the developers more than a decade to port the game to digital platforms. Speaking of MGT Arena, the game is currently available on the App Store and Google Play in Europe and will be rolling out to the rest of parts of the world today.

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