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Tips and tricks to get the right custom background in Google Meet and Microsoft Teams

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Setting the right background for a video call on Google Meet and Microsoft Teams can be difficult to master initially. While both Google Meet and Microsoft Teams let users change the background in a video meeting, the end result may not be the best always. On the other hand, while you are using Zoom, it is comparatively easy to change backgrounds and customise as per meetings. So, here are some tips for getting the perfect background every time.
Ensure that your face is well lit with light from single source
To look good on video calls, you will need to ensure that there is enough direct light on your face and there is no shadow of any kind at all. Also, always opt for a single source of light if you want to change the background effectively.
Don’t mix lights
Don’t mix sunlight and indoor tube or LED lights. Or, don’t mix lights of two different colours. For best results while changing background, use bright white light.
Make sure that the webcam is straight up to your eye level
One of the biggest mistakes that most people make during video calls is that they do not keep the camera at the eye-level. Use a stand or pile up a couple of books underneath your laptop to bring the webcam at your eye level, so that you can get a perfect mug shot. Also, ensure that no direct light is falling on the webcam from behind your head.

To get the ideal custom background, use any single-coloured wall or screen without any objects on it
The idea is to create a green screen-like effect. So, to change the background effectively, make sure the wall behind you is plain and painted of a single colour, preferably something light like white, pink, etc. Wear a shirt or dress that contrasts with the background. For example, wear a black shirt or dress if the wall behind is painted with white or pink colour. You can also use a screen for the same but ensure that there are no smudges or wrinkles. Also, the wall should be plain without any objects.

Use Snap Camera if you do not like the available custom background images on Google Meet or Microsoft Teams
Download Snap Camera app on your Windows 10 or macOS from “snapcamera.snapchat.com”. After installing Snap Camera, open the app. Select the desired background by searching under the Lenses search box. You can search for lenses like office, room or other static images as background.
Keep Snap Camera running in the background. Open Google Meet or Teams and start a meeting. Go to settings in Google Meet or Teams on PC or Mac and under video select Snap Camera instead of the default web camera. You can also better the video quality by changing the send resolution to 720p instead of 360p.

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