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Top 5 Military-Grade Smartphone Cases – Linux Hint

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As the cost of smartphones increases with every new release, you will need the best military-grade case to keep your investment safe. A sturdy phone case will keep your phone out of harm’s way. You can even waive the insurance for your device if you feel confident enough. A sturdy pouch allows you to travel anywhere with ease of mind. Even though every other manufacturer claims their phone case implements the latest weatherproof protection and shock-resistant technologies, only a few models can pass the test in real-world scenarios.

This helpful guide brings you the top five best military-grade cases. These protective cases provide the most bang for your buck with their durability and performance.

1. UAG Monarch

UAG’s military-grade phone cases look like something a space trooper would use. Just a glimpse at UAG’s Monarch tells you that this model is quite sturdy. And why should it not be? This model is handcrafted with five layers of Military-Grade MIL-STD 810G 516.6 for protection. As a result, this case can endure up to 26 drops from 8 feet high with zero damage.

While the outer frame appears to be metal, it is, in fact, top-grain leather. The case’s material and honeycomb design make this case very lightweight when compared with other mobile cases. The honeycomb design also aids with grip, and your phone will remain firm in your hands, even when the case is dirty. Though durable, the material does not obstruct signals. Yes! It has wireless charging compatibility.

The case even has rubber feet to stop your phone from skidding off surfaces. There are also small airbags in each corner to help reduce shock if you accidentally drop your phone.

The size of this case, however, is slightly bulky. Still, the case allows your phone to fit a pocket easily.

Although it is a bit expensive, this durable phone case can be used for any iPhone – not just the iPhone 11 Pro. That said, UAG combines function and style at a level that no other case manufacturer can match. The Monarch is solid and safe, yet stylish enough to go with your aesthetic.

PS: This case comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty.

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2. Amuoc iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

If you think a see-through plastic casing will protect your phone less, think again. With Amuoc’s military-grade case, you can let the full beauty of your phone shine through, while the corners, sides, and back are nicely protected. That is why this case allows your phone to withstand up to 15-foot drops.

The back of the casing on this model has a built-in metal ring handle that can rotate 360 degrees, which makes the phone comfortable to hold when you are on the go. The case also doubles as a kickstand, so you can set the phone down (vertically or horizontally) and watch your favorite movies and videos.

The case is easy to put on your device, thanks to very precise cutouts. What is more, even with a slimmer profile, the casing manages to feel solid in your hand.

As an added bonus, the Amuos smartphone case comes with two easy-to-apply screen protectors. The package also includes wiping cleaners for your screen. Just remember to clean your phone screen before applying the protectors.

Overall, Amuoc’s quality is tough to beat at such an affordable price. Unfortunately, this model does not support wireless charging.

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3. Scooch Wingman

You may believe that the most rugged smartphone case will be the one you are less likely to drop. The Scootch Wingman case far exceeds military-grade protection standards with its EXO-D Impact technology.

The case features Scooch’s built-in unique kickstand, which sits flush with the back of the cover once folded. When opened, the case backing can be used as a finger grip or a car vent mount. Grip it, kick it, or mount it – everything is easy to do with Wingman attached to your phone. It is great to see such a high level of utility in a military-grade smartphone case.

The quick-release kickstand on this model can be removed to charge your iPhone wirelessly. You do not have to remove the entire cover for this. Simply release the tab located at the bottom of the kickstand, and you are all set for Qi wireless charging.

This protective case was specifically designed for the iPhone 11 Pro. That is why this model is not compatible with any other iPhones.

This case is available in three different colors, giving you the option to match your style. Pricewise, Wingman lies on the higher end of the price spectrum, which can be a problem if you are on a budget.

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4. Raptic Shield Apple iPhone 11 Case

This Raptic Shield case combines polycarbonate rubber with anodized aluminum to form one of the best military-grade phone cases available for iPhone 11. Previously known as Defence Shield, the machined metal on this device is certified for drops of up to 10 feet on concrete.

Upon placing an iPhone inside the case, the soft rubber bubble patterns wrap tightly around the body of the phone. This way, the cover absorbs and deflects any shock your device may experience on impact. The protective case also features an integrated sound channel to amplify and redirect the sound from the bottom speakers to the front.

Our only complaint about this model regards the back of the cover. While the transparent polycarbonate panel looks fantastic, it is prone to scratches. These micro-scratches make the back of the cover lose its luster after just a few months. But, this is a minor complaint, and should in no way be a deal-breaker.

As the title suggests, this case is for iPhone 11 only, which means that this model will not fit any other iPhone model, and you can forget about other smartphone models. Nevertheless, Raptic Shield provides tough, mid-range military-grade protection. This model feels nice in your hand without adding any bulk, and is worth every penny!

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5. MOBOSI Vanguard Armor iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Fans of minimalist military-grade phone cases will love this model! This see-through case is lightweight, durable, and looks fantastic. Featuring a 360-degree full-body rugged design, the Mobosi Vanguard Armor case rounds out our list of the best military-grade pouch.

This model is made of quality transparent PC and soft TPU dual-layer that protects against any accidental drops, scratches, or shocks. This case is also well-designed, apparent from its slimmer-than-usual profile. So, this case does not add any bulk to the overall look and feel of the iPhone Pro Max.

Moreover, this case has anti-slip soft matte sides for a firm and easy hold when using the phone. The accessory cuts are precise, which is why this case is fully compatible with the wireless charging functionality of the iPhone Pro Max.

Overall, this lightweight phone case is skin-friendly, durable, and provides military-level shockproof functionality at a fraction of the cost of other models. This model is highly recommended for people on a budget.

Buy Here: Amazon

Buyer’s Guide

The following sections show you what to consider when purchasing a durable phone protective case.


Protective smartphone cases are mostly made of various types of plastics. Nevertheless, some other materials are also used, including:

  • Aluminum – Less common than others, aluminum cases can affect wireless signal strength. Nevertheless, good brands tend to overcome this problem. Aluminum offers great rigidity and protection but provides less impact protection than other materials.
  • Rubber/ Silicone / Gel – Soft, flexible materials that provide excellent grip. They are cheap to produce and provide decent protection.
  • TPU/Polycarbonate – These are the most common plastics found in protective cases. TPU offers great impact and scratch resistance. Multiple layers of these materials used in a cover provide excellent protection for your device.
  • Leather – Leather cases tend to wear nicely compared with plastics. These cases offer a classic feel and look, but they can be bulkier and heavier than cases made from other materials. These cases are also often more expensive.

Form Factor

Phone cases come in different form factors, such as:

  • Standard – Protects the back and sides. Sometimes, these models feature a raised lip surrounding the screen. These are lightweight and provide decent protection to your phone.
  • Bumper – Minimalist design. These models often leave the back of the cover exposed. However, these cases also include shock-absorbent materials in the corners. They are also lightweight and provide limited protection.
  • Pouch – Completely envelop phone from all sides. The catch is that you have to remove the phone from the pouch to use it. These cases offer excellent protection but taking out your phone all the time can get tedious.
  • Folio – Act like a book. These models cover the back and side of your device with one part and your screen with another. These models are slightly bulky but provide great protection.
  • Tough – Emphasizing protection over style, these cases are made of multiple layers of different materials. Some of these models come with IP ratings (e.g., IP68). These models provide the best protection.


Protective cases can incorporate additional features, such as:

  • Wallet – Wallet cases include pockets or card slots that allowing you to store credit cards, etc.
  • Stand – Stand cases come with built-in stands that help with watching videos or using a BT keyboard.
  • Selfie – Selfie cases come with front-facing lights so that you can take better-lit pictures.
  • Survival – Some cases come with survival tools to help you during your adventures in the wild.

Final Thoughts

With the help of the product reviews and buyer’s guide provided in this article, we hope you can now find the best military-grade phone case for your needs. These highly rated phone cases provide real-world protection, efficiency, and durability, without compromising on aesthetics. Ultimately, the choice of a smartphone case comes down to your preferences. Whatever product you choose, make sure you keep the points mentioned in this article in mind. Thank you for reading.

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