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Top 5 Minecraft Mobile seeds to build a world and where to find them

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Minecraft is an extremely popular sandbox video game owned by Microsoft. While some might find the game boring, a lot of people love it and swear by it. While there are multiple elements that go into making the game, one of the major elements is that it offers players seeds, which are an array of letters and numbers that players can use to create a world of their own. Also Read – Minecraft gets Minions as part of new DLC update: Here’s how to get them

Using seeds players can create multiple elements like ore vein formation, terrain generation and structure spawns. While seeds are helpful in all versions of Minecraft, here we will be taking a look at the top 5 Minecraft Mobile seeds, which players can make use of to create a new world. Also Read – Windows 11 early preview: Windows goes young

17 Diamond ore vein

Diamonds are one of the most valuable resources in the game. With the 17 Diamond ore vein seeds located at coordinates: 213/7/263, you can create all types of diamond tools and still save some diamonds in the bag. Also Read – Xbox Series X/S could get PlayStation 5 inspired controller upgrade in future

Dark oak forest with plains village

This seed can be found near the spawn point and offer a plains biome village. Here you can find some good lots of hay bales, which can be turned into bread. You can also trade it with farmers to get food supplies.

Amethyst geodes

Amethyst geodes are pretty new in the game and were added with the Minecraft 1.17 Cave and Cliffs update. The Amethyst geodes are located at coordinates: 881/68/783, which is quite near to the spawn point.

Ocean monument

Ocean monument can be located at coordinates: 4243/69/990. The location of the seed seems to be a stronghold. The stronghold can easily be located from the outside, but you might face difficulty while entering it.

Spawn near a ruined portal

This seed can be found at the spawn location, which provides players with access to a village and a ruined portal in front of the plain village. Reports suggest that players will be able to find an amethyst geode underneath the ruined portal.

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