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TV Brand – TCL – Moves into the Smartphone Space

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Everybody must be familiar with TCL as a TV brand – at least some do. TCL is one of the most popular TV brands globally, and they are producing quite economical televisions but with better specifications than their rivals. Now they have swooped into the smartphone space with the release of their TCL 10 series Android smartphones. Now they compete and crowd the smartphone market with a firm intention of creating their mark.

Even though the company had released TCL Plex last year, they have now come up with a better one with better specifications and performance, which is TCL 10 series. Looking at their flagship model TCL 10 Pro, it’s one of the game-changers for sure. It comes up with several outstanding features starting from the TCL’s high-resolution display and NXTVISION visual technology, the curved AMOLED display with four rear cameras. 

For quite some time, being a television manufacturer, they don’t want to rely upon any other manufacturers for making their display. Since they can make out their products, they don’t, in fact, need manufacturers or even suppliers. TCL mobile UK can bring a whole new experience in the smartphone arena. 


NXTVISION is equipped with a better display, camera, and visual quality that can bring you the true colors of the pixels and enhancements. The photos taken with it gives back a superb output with greater depth in this sector. This is what happens when you have a totally independent unit as your own.

The NXTVISION got a real-time SDR to HDR conversion feature as well, with a brighter highlight and increased contrast. It also has darker shadows, and the camera got 64 megapixels and got similar autofocus from a DSLR, where there are three different types of autofocus, including one for the night. In fact, the camera in low light has improved a lot. Apart from these, 10 pro holds a hybrid focus for a quick shot.


The TCL 10 pro comes with a better audio interface, richer bass, and an overall sound. Like the display, the company got its own R&D department to get this done too. 


TCL 10 pro offers TCL’s first curved AMOLED display with a 6.47-inch FHD curved AMOLED panel. The device also got an on-the-go reverse charging that allows the device to charge any other device, or in other words, like a power bank itself. 


The TCL 10L offers some of the features from its big brother 10 pro but is cheaper comparatively. 10L is built with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 665 processor powered by 6GB RAM. It got a 6.53-inch FHD+DotchTM display, and like the TCL 10 Pro, 10L comes with four rear cameras and a 16MP front-facing camera. 

TCL mobile UK comes with a fingerprint sensor as well as the face lock.

TCL offers a wide variety of user interfaces across their devices with intuitive interactions and customizable features. The company had given many more concerns for adaptive tone, eye comfort tone, etc. keeping the user’s health in mind. This provides the best UI, regardless of the lighting conditions. 

The smart key feature will help the user activate apps such as a camera, or even google assistant and access commonly used apps. It is featured with a dedicated, customizable button. Even the connectivity both wired as well as wireless shows an excellent output across their models. 

TCL got almost all the features that you will never get them at this price range. The 10 pro comes with an IR blaster, a 6.47-inch AMOLED display, in addition to that, reverse charge other gadgets by simply plugging in a USB-C cable. Since he 10 pro comes in a clear plastic case, you don’t need to worry about dropping it somewhere on the floor. 

The company is expecting revenue of $100 million this year from the Indian market. These are some crucial features and recent advancements that you must know before buying the phone.

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