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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Twitter users can now have multiple security keys for logging in

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Back in December 2020, Twitter brought the ability to have a single physical key as a sole two-factor authentication method for users on iOS and Android. With the latest update, Twitter users can now have multiple physical keys for the same. Users will be able to log in to both the iOS, Android, and web by using multiple physical keys. Also Read – Twitter to be an active part of Assembly Elections in India with dedicated initiatives

The new multiple key two-factor authentication is confirmed to make it to Twitter but there’s no given date for the same. Currently, users can have only a single two-factor security key but have to rely on a secondary authentication method as a backup. These backup methods include using an authenticator app or an SMS-based authentication system. Also Read – Twitter Spaces to release next month; all users to get ability to create rooms: Report

Twitter to allow multiple 2FA authentication keys

Once the multiple key-based authentication system is activated, Twitter will also allow users to only rely on multiple physical keys without the need for a backup 2FA authentication system. Twitter says that the idea is to lets users reduce their reliance on typing passwords – something which a malicious piece of software can track. Also Read – Twitter to soon let users upload 4K images and full view photos in tweets

If you wonder what a physical security key is, here’s a brief explanation. A physical security key is essentially similar to a USB thumb drive that plugs into the USB-A port of your PC. Some of these keys also feature Bluetooth and NFC for doing wireless authentication with modern mobile devices. When required, the browser cryptographically authenticates your account.

Physical keys can help Twitter users come up with more secure ways to log into their accounts. However, one needs to invest in physical key separately in order to make use of the same. In India, you can get a physical key on Amazon for less than Rs 5,000.

On the other hand, Twitter recently announced several initiatives ahead of the Assembly Elections in several Indian states. The social media platform, after getting into a tussle with the Indian government, will now collaborate with the Election Commission of India to prevent spread of misinformation. Twitter will also come up with special hashtags, an emoji, and a video campaign to encourage healthy discussions around the upcoming elections.

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