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Valorant Tier List: Best Agents In Valorant [Update 1.10]

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Valorant, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a tactical five-person shooter game that has successfully grabbed millions of players worldwide. However, the feature that sets Valorant apart from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the introduction of agents.

Besides a good aim, Valorant players need to have a better understanding of all agents’ abilities. However, when there are 12 different agents with distinct abilities, things can get extremely confusing, especially for new players. Nevertheless, you’re in luck because, in this Valorant tier list, we’ve ranked top Valorant agents to make the selection process easy for you. Other than that, we’ve also explained every Valorant agent’s abilities, which can be extremely useful.

  • Valorant Tier List
    • S-Tier Agent
    • A-Tier Agents
    • B-Tier Agents
    • C-Tier Agents

Valorant Tier List

Valorant Tier List
S.No S-tier Agents Agent Class
1. Cypher Sentinel
2. Sova Initiator
3. Breach Initiator
4. Omen Controller
5. Killjoy Sentinel
A-Tier Agents
6. Sage Sentinel
7. Viper Controller
8. Phoenix Duelist
9. Jett Duelist
B-Tier Agents
10. Raze Duelist
11. Brimstone Controller
C-Tier Agents
12. Reyna Duelist
Best Agents In Valorant In 2020

Note: The new agent ‘Skye’ isn’t included in our Valorant tier list because she isn’t yet available in the game. According to developers, Skye will be available by the end of this month. So, only after playing a few matches with her we can figure out her spot in our Valorant best agents list.

S-Tier- What Does S-Tier In Valorant Means?

Agents falling under S-Tier are the most dominant agents in Valorant. These agents work well on all the Valorant maps and can fit in any team comp. In short, you should always have an S-Tier Agent in your team if you want to dominate the enemies.

Cypher -Best Sentinel In Valorant

Cypher – Best Sentinel In Valorant

No one would disagree with the fact that Cypher is the most useful agent in Valorant. All of Cypher’s abilities help gather intel. For instance, he can put up a camera that can give you the exact location of enemies. Also, his tripwires and cages are helpful when it comes to slowing down enemies from rushing at the site. Finally, Cypher’s Ultimate reveals the real-time location of enemies, which, believe me, can be a game-changer.

Agent Class: Sentinel
Abilities: Camera, Trip Wires, Cages, Neural Theft
Playstyle: Passive

Breach – Best Initiator In Valorant

Breach is, without a doubt, the most powerful initiator in Valorant. If there’s someone best suited for pushing back the enemies from corners, it’s Breach. His Flashpoint ability can blind the enemies for a short time, thus giving you a perfect opportunity to rush. Then, there is Aftershock, a fusion charge that goes through the walls and damages the player who is caught in it. Finally, the Faultline and the Ultimate ability ‘Rolling Thunder’ sends a seismic charge that gives concussion to enemies.

If you’re attacking with a good Breach player in your team, then you’ll probably win most of your attacking rounds.

Agent Class: Initiator
Abilities: Flashpoint, Aftershock, Faultline, Rolling Thunder
Playstyle: Aggressive


Just like Cypher, Sova can also reveal the location of enemies through his Recon Bolt. He can also send in an owl drone to see if the enemies are camping in the corners, which forces the campers to change their location. Talking about corners, Sova can also use his Shock Darts to clear out corners that also gives a decent damage to enemies. However, it isn’t easy for most players to master the Shock Darts.

Finally, Sova’s Ultimate ‘Hunter’s Fury’ unleashes three deadly blasts across the map. The best time to use Sova’s ultimate is after revealing the location of enemies through Owl drone or recon bolt.

Agent Class: Initiator
Abilities: Recon Bolt, Shock Dart, Own Drone, Hunter’s Fury
Playstyle: Aggressive

Omen – Best Controller In Valorant

After going through several improvements, Omen is now one of the best Valorant agents. That is why, in our Valorant tier list, Omen lands in the S-tier. With Omen, you can control a site in the best way possible using Dark Covers/Smoke. Also, to push back enemies even further, Omen can use Paranoia, which can blind them for a short time. However, omen’s best ability is definitely the Shrouded step, which allows him to change his position up to a short distance.

Finally, Omen’s Ultimate, which is From the Shadows, enables him to teleport anywhere on the map. His Ultimate can be used to sneak up on enemies from behind. Also, a player can cancel the ultimate if enemies spot his location before he could completely teleport, which is still helpful in learning enemies’ exact location.

Agent Class: Controller
Abilities: Dark Cover, Shrouded Step, From the Shadows, Paranoia
Playstyle: Aggressive


Killjoy, just like Cypher, is one of the best Sentinel that was introduced in Act 2. In our Valorant tier list, Killjoy takes the spot in S-Tier because of her dominating abilities. Firstly, there are Nanoswarm grenades, which can be activated anywhere from the map. When triggered, these invisible grenades release Nanoswarms that greatly damage the enemy’s health.

Then, there is Alarmbot, which jumps on a nearby enemy to make him vulnerable for a few seconds. In that stage, the enemy takes double damage, so if used properly, this ability can be a game-changer. If an enemy destroys your Alarmbot, his location will be revealed on the map for a second or so.

‘Turret’ is the ability that makes Killjoy one of the best Valorant agents. The 180 degrees rotatable turret can be placed anywhere on the map to stop enemies who are flanking towards you.

Finally, Killjoy’s ultimate, Lockdown, deploys a device on the ground that detonates after 13 seconds. After it detonates, enemies who are caught in its radius are slowed down for four seconds without their guns.

So, you could say that Killjoy is extremely powerful when it comes to holding a site with her Turret and Nanoswarms. Also, she can gather intel using the same abilities. That is why in our Valorant best agents list, deserves to be in S-Tier.

Agent Class: Sentinel
Abilities: Turret, Nanoswarm, Alarmbot, Lockdown
Playstyle: Passive

A-Tier Agents

In Valorant, A-Tier agents are best suited for most, but not all team comps. Similarly, agents falling under this Valorant Tier list works well in most maps. However, there’s often a better option when compared to A-Tier Valorant Agents.



Initially, in the Valorant tier list, Sage had an S-Tier spot because she is one of the best Valorant agents so far. The Chinese healer can heal herself or an ally with her signature ability, which is Healing Orb. Also, she can very well hold a sight using slow orbs or a wall barrier, which can be extremely helpful. Other than that, by using the ‘Ressurection’ ability, Sage can revive an eliminated teammate to turn the tables against enemies.

However, in the last Valorant update, Riot nerfed Sage’s healing ability. Now, she can only heal her teammates up to 60HP, which brought her down to the A-Tier list.

Agent Class: Controller
Abilities: Slow Orb, Barrier Orb, Healing Orb, Resurrection
Playstyle: Passive


Initially, Viper wasn’t a useful agent in Valorant. However, Riot made this agent more appealing by enhancing her abilities, including the Toxic screen that can now go through walls. So, using the Toxic wall, Viper can provide cover to her teammates, making it easy for them to get inside the site.

Other than that, Viper’s Snakebite and poison cloud can help clear corners and confuse the enemies. Enemies trapped inside Poison clouds also takes considerable damage; however, their health regenerates as soon as they escape the cloud. The same goes for Viper’s Ultimate, which covers a huge portion of the site with a poison cloud. In short, if you want your team to have the best defense, then Viper is one of the best controllers in Valorant.

Agent Class: Controller
Abilities: Snake Bite, Toxic Screen,
Playstyle: Passive

Phoenix – Best Duelist In Valorant

Without a doubt, Phoenix is one of the top agents in Valorant. When it comes to rushing inside a site, all this British agent’s abilities are useful for teammates. He can use his curveball, which works as a flash, to blind the enemies. Also, Phoenix’s ‘Hot hands’ ability works well in clearing out corners. Other than that, Phoenix can make a firewall, just like Viper, to block enemies’ vision from a certain angle; what’s truly amazing about Phoenix that he can also use his fire to heal himself.

Finally, Phoenix’s Ultimate, Run it Back, allows him to place a marker on the site that starts a timer on the screen. Within that short time, Phoenix can go ahead of that marker to clear out the site. When the time runs out or Phoenix gets killed, he comes back alive to his original “marked” position.

In Valorant Tier List, Phoenix is in A-Tier because his abilities are useful for taking kills. Moreover, he can also use some of his abilities to help his teammates, such as making a firewall to provide them with cover. So, you could understand why he is one of the best duelists in Valorant.

Agent Class: Duelist
Abilities: Curveball, Blaze, Hot hands, Run it back
Playstyle: Aggressive


From the very start, Jett is one of the most beloved agents in Valorant. Like Phoenix, Jett is a very overpowering agent when it comes to rushing inside a site. She can use her dash, or Tailwind, to move past the enemies and get them from behind. Also, her Upwind ability allows Jett to propel into the air to get a better view of the site while also killing a couple of enemies on her way down.

Jett can also block enemies’ vision using her Cloudburst ability, which allows her teammates to get inside the site without being shot from corners. Finally, her Ultimate, Blade Storm allows her to use 5 throwing knives; however, you should have a good aim to execute her ultimate efficiently.

Agent Class: Duelist
Abilities: Tailwind, Upwind, Cloudburst, Blade Storm
Playstyle: Aggressive

B-Tier Agents

Of course, if compared to agents in other Tiers, B-Tier Agents are underpowered. In terms of abilities that help teammates, agents in B-Tier have fewer options. So, if players using these agents cannot get kills, they can’t contribute otherwise.

Raze - Best agents in Valorant
Raze – Best agents in Valorant


Raze is one of the best Valorant agents when it comes to playing aggressively. Also, almost every Raze’s ability can give a considerable amount of health damage to players. For instance, her Boom bot tracks down the enemy and then explodes to take down his health. If Boom Bot isn’t enough, then Raze’s Cluster Grenades can definitely get the job done. By using these grenades, Raze can clear out a position by pushing back enemies, maybe taking some kills with it too.

Other than that, Raze also comes equipped with Blast Packs, which sticks to the ground and explodes after a few seconds.

Finally, we have Raze’s Ultimate, which is Showstopper. In her Ultimate, Raze gets a powerful rocket launcher that can scare anyone in the enemy team.

Agent Class: Duelist
Abilities: Boom Bot, Cluster Grenades, Blast Packs, Showstopper
Playstyle: Aggressive


Like Omen, Brimstone is also a controller who is very good at preventing enemies from flanking. He can use three clouds of smoke to block the vision of enemies, which comes in handy, especially when enemies are using Operator. Also, the Incendiary ability of Brimstone allows him to throw a molly, which pushes back the enemies for a short time. Moreover, Brimstone comes equipped with Stim Beacon, which gives the rapid-fire ability to all teammates in its range.

Finally, Brimstone’s ultimate ability, Orbital Strike, opens up the sky with a powerful airstrike that brings down the enemies in seconds. This ability is helpful if you want to stop enemies from defusing or planting the spike.

Agent Class: Controller
Abilities: Incendiary, Stim Beacon, Sky Smokes, Orbital Strike
Playstyle: Passive

C-Tier Agents

Agents falling in this Valorant Tier List have nothing to contribute towards the team. In short, they can’t provide cover to teammates or use some ability to push back the enemies. Also, if they aren’t able to get some kills, then C-Tier agents can be a liability for the entire team.

Raze - Best agents in Valorant


In Valorant Tier List, Reyna takes the C-Tier spot, mainly because most of her abilities help her instead of teammates. Leer, the ability to blind enemies, is the only power Reyna has to help her teammates. With that one exception, all other Reyna’s abilities empower herself. For instance, Reyna’s Devour ability allows her to absorb soul orbs and heal herself after killing an enemy. Other than that, she can use the same soul orbs to use her Dismiss ability, which makes her intangible for a moment. So, both of these abilities are activated if Reyna gets a kill.

Finally, Reyna’s Ultimate, Empress, increases her fire rate, reload speed, and the speed of switching between her abilities and guns. To conclude, if your team’s Reyna isn’t getting kills, then she’s basically useless.

Agent Class: Duelist
Abilities: Leer, Devour, Dismiss, Empress
Playstyle: Aggressive

Best Agents In Valorant: Wrapping Up The Valorant Tier List

So, this is it, that’s all the best Valorant agents placed in the tier list. We’ve ranked Valorant agents based on how much they can contribute to their team. However, this does not mean that this ranking is final and undisputable. That’s because, for some players, factors besides teamwork might be more important.

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