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Vivo wants to make a phone with removable pop-up camera

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Imagine a phone that comes with a pop-up camera that you can remove from the phone and place it anywhere you want to and click photos. As per a report by SlashGear, Vivo’s IFEA concept phone does exactly this. The pop-up camera module attaches to the phone magnetically. You can remove the module and make it work as a separate wireless camera. The viewfinder continues to be the phone screen. The camera UI and everything remains the same.
This technology will definitely allow smartphone cameras to serve as action cameras and help mobile photographers shoot amazing videos. With this concept phone, you can simply attach the camera module to the collar of your pet dog and record videos from its point of view. However, there will be a big concern regarding privacy. A detachable smartphone camera module will be small enough to be used as a spy camera. And with a remote viewfinder and storage , i.e. the phone, it can be a lethal combination.

The camera module comes with its own set of sensors. In case, you leave it somewhere after a photo shoot and forget about it, you will get a notification about the same.
The idea of a detachable smartphone camera with Bluetooth capabilities is interesting and opens a new world for mobile photography. However, it’s still a long way to go when you think about the battery life, camera quality, stabilisation and other tech that needs to be squeezed into that tiny module.
As a concept phone, this definitely sounds cool, but chances are very low if you think about Vivo mass-producing it.

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