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Want to fly drones? Govt says soon there’ll be over 1 lakh drone pilot jobs

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The Indian govt has reiterated its interest in the drone ecosystem. During an event organized by Niti Aayog,  Union Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia talked about the growing importance of drones and the kind of job growth they can offer. Also Read – Snap’s mini drone Pixy will help you click perfect selfies

During the event, Scindia claimed that on the manufacturing side, the govt is looking at Rs 5,000 crore in investments. The drone ecosystem will also lead to the creation of 10,000 jobs. He further claimed that on the services side, the govt is looking at creating a Rs 30,000-crore industry. Also Read – How to use Govt ID to get green tick verification on Koo app

Scindia claimed that there will be a requirement of 1 lakh drone pilots in the coming years. He explained that even today a drone pilot can be trained in a matter of just two or three months. He also emphasized that these pilots don’t need very high education. All they require is to pass 12th. He claimed that such drone pilot jobs can provide a salary of around Rs 30,000 per month. Also Read – ‘Do you want India’s money to go to China?’ Govt responds to Tesla’s demands

Union Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia said, ‘We have the potential to make India a global drone hub by 2030. It is imperative for us to boost the usage of drones in different industrial- and defence-related sectors to leverage the benefits of this technology, as highlighted by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We are actively working towards making drone services easily accessible. India will soon witness a higher number of industries embracing drone innovation. This will eventually lead to a revolution that will touch the life of every citizen, thereby realizing the PM’s goal of an Aatmabirhar Bharat.’

He also added, ‘With the active participation of the stakeholders of the drone industry and the Government of India, the drone industry is set on a path of exponential growth. The government will enable the continuity of this accelerated drone adoption by easing drone regulations and through drone literacy via programmes such as Drone Shakti and Kisan Drones. I would like to praise NITI Aayog for hosting such an exciting month-long drone event, enabling knowledge-sharing and exchange of ideas and fuelling innovation and growth in the drone ecosystem. Moreover, the cutting-edge experience studio at NITI Aayog is a symbol of technology excellence, which I am sure, will inspire curious minds to resolve real-world problems.’

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