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Warning! Delete these 20 malicious apps immediately promising Minecraft mods

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Beware Android users, there is an important warning for you. If you have mistakenly downloaded any of the 20 malicious apps from Play store that promises Minecraft mods, delete them right away. These are unverified apps and can affect your device and also steal your personal data and hard-earned money. Also Read – 5 best Yoga apps for iOS in 2021: Use these apps and start your journey to fitness

Minecraft is one of the most popular games available globally with hundreds and thousands of users playing it every single day. The game has grabbed attention of scammers now. Cybercriminals have developed several malicious apps which promises Minecraft mods. Also Read – International Yoga Day 2021: 5 best weight loss apps you can try out

Beware! Don’t download these apps

Cybersecurity researchers at Kaspersky have analysed many such apps listed on Play store claiming to be modpacks for Minecraft. Researchers have found that these apps are malicious apps and spreading adware or stealing social media credentials once installed. Also Read – Top 5 best stock trading apps in India in 2021: Tradingview, investing.com, INDmoney, more

Many Android users are falling for these malicious apps and downloading them. If you are one of them, delete these apps from your smartphone right away. These apps actually install malware on your phone and then steal your data and in some instances also money.

Google deletes these malicious apps

Google has reportedly deleted all of these malicious apps from the Play Store. Experts have now found that scammers are in no mood to rest as there are more such new apps being developed.

Researchers have found that these malicious apps distribute adware, software that bombards users with unwanted ads and disrupts the usual user experience. These apps do not need to be open to show ads, just being installed on the device is enough. Such apps can also load additional modules that can hide their icons so users will not be able to spot them.

Kaspersky said that they have reached out to Google to warn them about the malicious apps on the Play Store. Most of the apps have reportedly been removed but some are still listed. The existing apps include:

– Zone Modding Minecraft

– Textures for Minecraft ACPE

– Seeded for Minecraft ACPE

– Mods for Minecraft ACPE

– Darcy Minecraft Mod

“The app reviews are contradictory. Average ratings hover around the 3-star mark, but overall, scores are highly polarized, mostly 5s and 1s. That kind of spread suggests that bots are leaving rave reviews but real users are very unhappy. Unfortunately, in this case, the cybercriminals are targeting kids and teenagers, who may not pay attention to ratings and reviews before installing an app,” Kaspersky stated.

If any case, you should never install unverified apps on your device considering the rise in cyberattack incidents. Ensure to check the developer before downloading any app on your phone from the next time.

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