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Watch Dogs: Legion Online launch date on March 9, 2021 : Multiplayer Mode Gameplay Features

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Ubisoft has announced that the Watch Dogs: Legion Online will release on March 9. Along with the announcement of the date, the company also provided us with an early preview of how the multiplayer mode will work. From the looks of it, it would be quite similar to the GTA Online experience, based in an open world with you trying to complete missions and gain in-game currency. Also Read – Star Wars game with open-world setting confirmed by Ubisoft, Lucasfilm Games

Watch Dogs: Legion Online will function as a new experience for players where they will start off in a brand new instance of London trying to complete all-new missions. The first mission would be to build a brand new DedSec cell. Note, unlike the offline version of the game where you have to do loyalty missions to recruit operatives, here you will be able to spend Influence points to recruit your fellow citizens on the spot. However, be careful while using these as you will require them to upgrade your weapons, gadgets and hacks. Also Read – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Platforms, download size, requirements and everything you need to know

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To earn Influence points, you can compete in solo activities around the map, or by doing daily and weekly challenges.

With you building up your DedSec cell, you will be able to participate in co-op missions in teams of two or four. After you are ready with your team, you can start taking on Tactical Ops in a team of three or four. Tactical Ops will include special challenges, where players coordination and teamwork will be tested. These may require players to simultaneously hack two points on opposite sides of the map, or sneak past unhackable patrol drones and more.

Other features

With the update, Ubisoft will also launch the voice chat feature. The company is yet to reveal how it will handle matchmaking for co-op missions and Tactical Ops.

The multiplayer will also bring a new Spiderbot Arena, where players will be able to enter a drone deathmatch complete with power-ups and killstreaks. Basically, a drone battle royale.

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