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What Apple may do to 5G that no other brand could

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5G, despite going mainstream in a few countries, so far has remained a buzzword. Well, that was about two hours ago as with its iPhone 12 announcements, Apple could very well change the 5G game for good. Apple like with a lot of other features is not the first brand to bring 5G to its phones. Samsung did almost a year back, others like OnePlus, Huawei, too boast of 5G-enabled phones.
Yet, the 5G tech hasn’t moved from being a niche to mainstream. Apple by introducing 5G support across all four new iPhones may have changed the game. It’s not a usual sight at an Apple event to see a telecom head make an appearance. But for the iPhone 12 launch, Verizon CEO made an appearance and talked about how 5G is now going to change for the better.
“Late to incredibly fast 5G” is what the message Samsung pushed through Google Adwords soon after the launch of iPhone 12. However, not being an early adopter in the 5G race may very well work in Apple’s favour. For starters, 5G connectivity and networks have improved considerably in the US, China as well as Korea, according to multiple reports.
A lot of users still are unaware of the benefits of 5G but know that it is the next big thing in the mobile world. Once Apple has got it on the iPhones — and it will market it cleverly — users will adopt to it faster than any other brand. Since a few brands are known to ‘ape’ what Apple does blindly, there will be a lot more noise on 5G from them as well. Simply put, not cameras or displays, but 5G will be the selling point for a lot of phones in the next couple of months.
And it isn’t be the first time — or the last either — that Apple gets a feature which others had earlier. Take the case of wireless charging, TouchID, triple cameras, wide-angle cameras — each of these features arrived before the iPhones. Yet, they became talking points as soon as they were part of the iPhone world. Apple made them mainstream or rather made them the talking points like no other brand had done.
It was very much clear from the Apple event that 5G will be the selling point of the iPhones. At least in a lot of countries where the technology has arrived or expected to come.
A recent report by Canalys suggested that for 2020, 5G phone shipments are expected to grow by a whopping 1,582% from 2019. In 2019, 16.5 million 5G phones were shipped and this number is expected to hit 278 million next year. This number is of course an estimate but it certainly includes the effect of what Apple and iPhone can do on the 5G market. The iPhone 12 may very well be the shot in the arm that 5G needs to move from a buzzword to a mainstream talking point.

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