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What is the Bulli Bai app controversy all about?

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During the New Year weekend, photos of several women (especially Muslim) with the caption “Your Bulli Bai of the day is….” must have flooded your Twitter timeline. If you are wondering what those photos and hashtags such as #BulliBai #BulliDeals, #SulliDeals are all about, we got you covered here. Also Read – ‘Your Bulli Bai of the day is ….’: Woman shares how she was put on sale online

Here’s what the Bulli Bai app is all about and why Indian Muslim women were put up on auction on the online platform. Also Read – Indian Medical Association’s Twitter account hacked: Hundreds of fake tweets sent to Elon Musk, Tesla

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What is the Bulli Bai app controversy?

-Bulli Bai is an app developed by a group of Indians (most of them yet to be identified) from across the country to trick people and make financial gains.

-The idea behind the app is to put Indian women (mostly Muslims) up for auction and earn money in return.

-If you are wondering, these are fake auctions created by cybercriminals to trick users into thinking that they have got the woman in exchange of money. Fortunately, no such real auction incident has been reported yet.

-In incidents like Bulli Bai, cybercriminals pick photos of popular women, celebs, influencers, journalists, and so on, from the internet and use them for their financial gains.

-These online scammers steal photos of these women from their social media account and list them on the platform. So, this makes it mandatory for women (unfortunately) to always lock their profile or make their profile private.

-Soon after several posts from the Bulli Bai app were circulated on Twitter, the government directed the social media platform to remove such derogatory posts with immediate effect.

-Currently, two students, one from Mumbai and one from Bengaluru, have been taken into custody in the Bulli Bai app case. Additionally, earlier today, a woman from Uttarakhand was also detained in the case.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that an incident like this has taken place. A similar incident occurred last year called Sulli Deals, which stirred the internet. In the Sulli Deals controversy too, photos of Indian Muslim women were put up on auction.

While the Bulli Bai app controversy has taken a political twist, there is much more to it. Such incidents imply how unsafe women regardless of their religion are on the internet these days.

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