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WhatsApp Android app is getting face unlock for better security

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp is gearing up to roll out face unlock security option for its Android app. The feature is already available on iPhones, however, is missing on Android. As per a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApps has already submitted the update through Google Play beta program. WhatsApp for Android already has a fingerprint biometric security option.
While there is no official release date, you can expect face unlock to come to Android phones soon. Once it is rolled out you will get the option to use your Android phone’s face unlock to secure your WhatsApp chat. However, note that this is device centric. The moment you change your phone, you will have to turn on ‘face unlock’ on the new phone to use the feature. This security feature is similar to fingerprint biometric lock and should not be confused with WhatsApp pin.
Meanwhile, WhatsApp is now allowing users to mute contacts and groups forever. Earlier, you just had the option to mute somebody or a group for a maximum of up to year. Now, you can simply mute somebody or a group forever and forget.
You can check the mute notification settings and check out the mute notifications to “Always”. If you choose ‘Always’, you will not get disturbed by the WhatsApp chat. WhatsApp recently rolled out a new user interface for the storage section with new tools. The new storage section will help users see directly what content is occupying maximum storage as it will show them under large files section. Besides this, it will also have a section of forwarded files that help users see and segregate the unimportant files from the app’s storage.

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