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WhatsApp Enables Always Mute, New Storage UI In Latest Android Beta

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WhatsApp helps Android beta users to tinker with different functions. All of these features are for Android in the WhatsApp beta and are yet to be rolled out in a stable update for all users. The new features are not available yet on iOS.

The new Always Mute function replaces choices that were 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year before, which are now 8 hours, 1 week or always during a talk mutation. This will allow users to mute messages from unwanted groups and individuals for life, while turning off notifications of some kind from them at the same time.

The “Voice and video call” buttons in chats with Checked Business accounts are another feature to make an appearance or rather a disappearance in the beta. This choice, which usually appears when chatting with a contact in the top-right corner of the screen, is missing from Checked Business accounts. This choice is available when you click on the profile image in the chat or contact list and the contact pop-up appears.

The new Storage Use UI displays all the files in categories and chat lists that take up space. It also displays a suggested user clean-up option that will allow them to delete unnecessary files and free up some space using the AI algorithm of WhatsApp. The tracker states that in the previous beta, the latest Storage Use UI began to roll out, although this is a much broader rollout for limited users only.

Another functionality, called Media Guidelines, is introduced by WhatsApp, which helps you to easily match stickers and text while editing photos , videos and GIFs. WhatsApp also allegedly works with Confirmed Business accounts to conceal voice and video call buttons in chats. In the chat and contact list, both of these buttons are still available inside the profile icon.

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